A chat with Manuel Ghegin, Export Area Manager

  Hello Manuel, so tell us a little bit about yourself. Let me introduce myself, I am Manuel Ghegin and I joined Mastella in December 2022. Before coming to the bathroom furniture sector, I started working as Export Area Manager in a wood flooring company and then in a metalworking company, which taught me a […]

Vhils: Revolutionising Art through Destructive Urban Beauty


credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vhils_in_2017_in_Beja.jpg   In the contemporary art scene, few artists have captured the public’s imagination and curiosity like Vhils. Of Portuguese origin, Alexandre Farto, known as Vhils, is a talented artist who has redefined the concept of street art through an innovative and unique approach. His ability to transform urban surfaces through the technique of […]

Guide to the Ingress Protection (IP) code system in the bathroom

ingress protection

Learn everything you need to know about the Ingress Protection (IP) code system and its importance for wet environments such as bathrooms.   Bathrooms and wet rooms present special challenges in terms of protection against water ingress. To ensure the safety and durability of mirrors and lamps installed in such rooms, the Ingress Protection (IP) […]

Baskets with paper straws: Sustainable creativity for unique objects

Baskets with paper straws

Create beautiful, sustainable baskets using rolled paper straws. Find out how to make them and transform your space in style.   Paper straw baskets represent a creative form of craftsmanship that has gained popularity in recent years. This technique, which involves the use of rolled paper straws, offers endless possibilities for creating unique and sustainable […]

Fabrica: a creative oasis in the heart of the Veneto countryside

fabrica benetton

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Un post condiviso da Fabrica (@fabricaresearchcentre) Located in Treviso, Italy, Fabrica is a fascinating place that embodies the meeting of art, culture and innovation. Founded in 1994 by Benetton Group, this unique institution has a rich history and ambitious goals that make it a beacon for emerging talent from around […]

Wallpaper: history, materials and artists who transformed walls

carta da parati

A popular decorative material for centuries, wallpaper has the power to transform rooms with its beauty and versatility. In this article, we explore the fascinating history of wallpaper, the materials used, production techniques, decorative aspects and the talented artists and designers who have created works of art on this medium.   Wallpaper: Camelopardalis by @inkiostrobianco […]

Tadao Ando: Natural Light and Harmonious Landscapes


Tadao Ando is a self-taught Japanese architect known for his “critical regionalism” approach to architecture and landscape. Despite having no formal training in architecture, Ando was inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Imperial Hotel during a trip to Tokyo as a high school student. After working as a boxer and fighter, he decided to pursue […]

Majolica, when tiling becomes art

In Italy, the name maiolica refers to white-glazed and decorated ceramics. The name comes from the island of Majorca, an important centre during the Middle Ages. Curiously, abroad this material is instead referred to as ‘faïence‘. The name comes this time from the city of Faenza, which for centuries was one of the largest production […]

The clothes dryer: many technologies at our service

types technologies clothes dryer

Until a few years ago, it was a status symbol, a luxury for the few. Now the tumble dryer is becoming increasingly popular and for some it is now an indispensable household appliance. An object with a long history, it is evolving with increasingly advanced and efficient technologies. Let us learn more about this machine, […]

Mastella exhibits at ISH 2023

Only six companies, chosen from the excellence of Made in Italy: this is the DNA – Fluid Evolution concept, curated by arch. Marco Poletti. Within this framework is the Mastella exhibition, which presents some novelties in the bathroom furniture sector at the ISH fair.     As a preview at ISH, Mastella will be exhibiting […]

Korean designers visit Mastella

Last week we had the great pleasure of hosting Chan Yoon, an important designer from South Korea. Together with his collaborator Ellia and an interpreter, they visited us to discuss the bathroom furniture for a splendid villa in Seoul and to start an ongoing collaboration with Mastella. For Chan, in fact, the aim of his […]

LED lighting with colour temperature control

bathroom mirror light colour temperature dimmer

Mastella’s range of mirror cabinets now features a practical and elegant light control. A discreet and minimalist touch sensor allows you to switch the LED strip integrated in the mirror on and off. Moreover, thanks to the touch sensor, you can choose:   A more defined cool white shade – ideal for applying make-up or […]

What is Corian®

Corian sculptures, furniture, and interior design

The history of Corian® began in 1967 in the laboratories of the multinational chemical company DuPont, by chemist Donald Slocum. Patented in 1968, it was commercially introduced for the first time in 1971 at the National Association of Home Builders’ meeting in Houston, Texas. Conceived as a material for kitchens and bathrooms, it was initially […]

Peter Rice, the poet of engineering


If you don’t know Peter Rice, you should know that it is thanks to his skills as a structural engineer that some of the most iconic architectural works of the last century have seen the light of day. Buildings that are part of the collective imagination such as the Sydney Opera House, the Centre Pompidou […]