A chat with Manuel Ghegin, Export Area Manager


  • Hello Manuel, so tell us a little bit about yourself.
  • Let me introduce myself, I am Manuel Ghegin and I joined Mastella in December 2022. Before coming to the bathroom furniture sector, I started working as Export Area Manager in a wood flooring company and then in a metalworking company, which taught me a lot both personally and professionally.
  • What led you to devote yourself to foreign sales?
  • First of all, my studies, an education initially oriented towards the knowledge and study of foreign languages and then continued with a degree in Business Administration. I have always tried to do something that would allow me to get to know and work not only with new people but also with different cultures, and this job partly encompasses these elements.
  • What exactly do you do at Mastella?
  • As Export Area Manager, I try to consolidate, develop and manage business relationships with existing and potential customers, particularly in Germany and Austria: markets that historically occupy an important role in the company’s turnover and which, despite the somewhat delicate moment they are experiencing, are still the main ones. Mastella has invested heavily in these countries through an in-house team and a very professional agent network, which have enabled them to achieve important results and obtain a respectable position in their respective markets: a position that the company wants to maintain and consolidate in the future. With this in mind, my objective is to be a link between the customer, the agent and the company itself, trying to promote its product and values.
    To succeed in this, however, it is essential to first understand the needs of customers in the various markets and then develop strategies to strengthen existing markets and develop new ones. Italian design is a wealth that is recognised all over the world, we try to transmit and enhance it.
  • And what do you like about this job?
  • Without a doubt the human and interpersonal aspect. I believe that relating with people helps you grow professionally, but even more so humanly. That’s why I like collaborating with clients and colleagues. Obviously to do this it is essential to work together like musicians in an orchestra. The company – for me – is a team of people, not an individual: everyone grows and contributes to growth.
  • I think we have talked enough about work! What do you do in your spare time?
  • I try to do sport and be outdoors as much as possible. Sport is important for physical and mental wellbeing and I personally consider it necessary for a balanced life. Specifically, I run, mountain bike, play beach volleyball and snowboard in the winter. Of course, I don’t have that much free time, but when I can I try to use it to stay healthy and well. He who stops is lost… or so they say!


Keep following us, in the coming weeks we will also introduce you to other Mastella pillars. We will interview the entire export team and give you the opportunity to get to know us personally and professionally.


manuel ghegin intervista


Manuel Ghegin
Export area manager
[email protected]
T: +39 0422 431732 ext. 117
M: +39 366 6765 601

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