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Resources and tools for the Point of Sale

Not only products, but vision, method, tools and actions: these are the assets that Mastella can provide, for the benefit of dealers everywhere. Continuous interaction, one to one, between dealer and company. Mastella offers a range of tools to support retail activity, a policy we consider inseparable from offering a product of top design and quality: values that are important, but today, no longer enough by themselves. The market grows increasingly complex, training needs to keep pace and evolve, marketing has become strategic, and at the point of sale — but especially in the digital world — having the right kind of design systems in place is imperative. We at Mastella know it, and we strive every day to ensure that all these values will benefit and be useful to our dealers. Find out more here about the resources offered to our retail force.

Continuous training

Thorough knowledge of the products, style and philosophy associated with the company would be impossible without an exhaustive and ongoing programme of refresher courses. Mastella does everything to cater for the needs of customers, with training activities organized not only at headquarters, but at customer showrooms as well. Small-group interactive webinars are also used, so as to maintain direct contact with staff members on a regular basis. The topics aired, besides the features of single products, include the presentation of catalogues and price lists, training on the graphics programme, detailed explanations of materials and finishes, installation, and so on…

Our showroom at your disposal

Spacious, welcoming and creative: a unique environment with all the special Mastella values on show.
400 m² of Ideas and Suggestions for retailers, on finding the best way to display products and add value to the point of sale. Bathroom settings with different inspirational moods, different shapes and sizes, derived from a range of vanity unit, wash basin, bathtub and shower collections. The best way to become familiar with and interpret the Mastella brand effectively, to sample the quality of our products and services, become fully immersed in our concepts and explore them, so that their full value can be projected in retail showrooms.

Design support

The sale of a bathroom furnishing scheme is a lengthy process, involving several steps: relational, emotional and technical, design, conclusion. And Design is a particularly important factor in all this. Our team of designers is always at the disposal of retailers precisely to help them through this crucial stage, with the aid of the Mastella graphics tool. Starting with the plan of the room, we build up a 3D rendering of the selected unit, with dimensions, finishes and prices, illustrated in the customer’s future bathroom. Besides being used in-house, this same application is available free of charge to all our retail network, and supplied with the entire library of Mastella products already on file, plus all the training support necessary.

Create your Mastella Corner

Creating a space dedicated to Mastella products in your showroom is extremely simple.
Send us your floor plan: our designers will draw up suggestions for different settings, based on our extensive experience, guaranteed to add value to your sales area.
All you have to do is choose the one you prefer.
We will know how best to meet your needs and maximize the plus points of your showroom, however large or small.

Do you want to become a Mastella Dealer?


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Tools at your disposal

Enhance your designs with Mastella products — view our 2D and 3D library.


Need more tools? Use the following links:


The market today is complex as never before, and there are dynamics in play that go well beyond the product.
Marketing — in the sense of being visible and sending a message — is vitally important, not only in the store, but above all where people take the first steps toward making a future purchase: on the web. Mastella provides dealers with the tools to undertake specific geolocated digital marketing actions, in other words in their own local area, designed to provide potential customers with an exact point of reference for a possible purchase. The “Talk with” or “Project of the month” features are just two examples of campaigns sponsored by the company in Italy and abroad, to assist retail on digital channels like Social networks or the like.

Want to work with Mastella?

After Sales Service

Brand value and trust are dependent on many factors. In most cases, the tendency is to form an opinion based only what happens before a sale, which is important, but only one part of the picture. The Mastella view is that a quality purchase does not end with the sale of the product but goes further, taking in all the after-sales stages. Our team continues to support the dealer by providing help with installation or maintenance of the product. We are ready to stand up and be counted even further down the line, beyond the warranty period, because we believe in the concept of “Total Quality” — a quality that entirely reflects the spirit of the company, the central importance of the customer, and our mission to deliver absolute satisfaction.

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