History, Quality, Design

Design. People. Advanced technology.
35 years of excellence in bathroom manufacture.

The most important factor behind every production choice is design. In Mastella, science and functionality are combined together in the initial design phase, to achieve reliability and beauty. These values are renewed every day. The whole production cycle that follows, entirely managed by the company, is inspired by these values. Furniture collections and accessories are designed and produced with a unique synergy with every need and dimension in mind, to give life to the most beautiful bathrooms.


Back in 1984 current CEO Antonio Mastella started the distribution of bathroom furniture. After a while the new company also began to produce small quantities of units by assembling semi-finished products.

The idea of ‘total quality’ that was consolidating in the ‘vision’ of the founder paved the way to the business makeover in 1991. New headquarters covering an area of 5,000 sqm, equipped with advanced machinery for a full production cycle was built. At the same time the company started to look abroad by participating in international trade shows. This soon proved to be a successful move. In particular, Germany immediately appreciated Mastella’s distinctive products and services as well as their reliability.

In 2008 the manufacturing facility doubled in size with an additional 5,000 sqm, equipped with new machinery, in line with their high-quality standards.

Nowadays, Mastella’s bathroom furniture is appreciated not only by German speaking countries, whose primary clientele highly regard their founding values, but also by many other countries around the world, where our vanities and accessories truly stand out in prestigious projects.


We regard quality as a total concept, not only applied to the product, which is a given, but also applied to the entire business with choices and decisions that relate to suppliers, materials, production cycle, functionality, reliability, lead time forecasting, packaging, installation, training and communication.
Managing quality is the core of our business. We want to satisfy the customers’ needs without compromise. These principles determine every choice in the company, from the design, to the production, to the advanced industrial technologies in Mastella, that allow us to offer bespoke solutions.


The principles of good design in long-lasting products, is strongly connected to the concept of quality, the only feature that can guarantee beauty and functionality in the long term. Therefore, we ask our designers to create products of ever-lasting beauty that are also functional. Hence design is the first step towards total quality; it should not be seen as a form of showing off but rather as an unbreakable synergy of form and function. Even when bathroom statement pieces such as bathtubs, basins or other complementary items, are created by external designers, the company know-how is applied to the whole design process. As far as the production of furniture is concerned, thanks to more than thirty years of experience in industrialized management, our ‘research, development and design’ department is on the front line to ensure that features like functionality, storage capacity and modularity are consistent across our collections.

A qualified reference point that can impress and satisfy by bringing emotions, solidity and values. This is our company philosophy.

Designing and creating everlasting products go hand in hand with ensuring full customer satisfaction with bespoke solutions, regardless of the size of the bathroom. The quality of the products and services is linked to a profound respect towards the customer and an attentive care to their needs. The natural consequence is a continuous quality improvement, in all its aspects.
This customer-oriented approach has become the company policy with a commitment towards customer satisfaction not only during the sale, but also in the long term. This mental attitude is strongly future-oriented by paying a lot of attention to the present. We are proud to acknowledge that even our customers’ children put their trust in us because they have seen it in their parents’ homes how Mastella bathrooms make statement pieces that last over the years.


In order to guarantee absolute precision and consistency, which is the motto of the company since the early years, the entire production cycle is handled within our premises. The company is constantly investing in new technology, introducing high performing machines and the most advanced software. These are in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0. Least not forget the raw materials, technical components, panels, packaging and delivery, that create the precise custom-made products according to our customers’ requirements.

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