Vhils: Revolutionising Art through Destructive Urban Beauty

credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vhils_in_2017_in_Beja.jpg


In the contemporary art scene, few artists have captured the public’s imagination and curiosity like Vhils. Of Portuguese origin, Alexandre Farto, known as Vhils, is a talented artist who has redefined the concept of street art through an innovative and unique approach. His ability to transform urban surfaces through the technique of “scratching” has brought him international attention, making him a leading figure in the contemporary art scene.

Born in 1987 in Lisbon, Vhils showed an interest in art and creative expression from an early age. Growing up in a city where street art was often considered vandalism, the Portuguese artist found in urban culture and the decay of city walls a canvas on which to express his vision. He started making his mark on old walls and abandoned surfaces, transforming anonymous places into unique and surprising works of art.


credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mural_Art%C3%ADstico_de_Vhils_-_Barreiro_-_Portugal_%2848794700002%29.jpg


Vhils’ distinctive technique is based on a process of ‘excavation’, a method that involves removing layers of material from urban surfaces, such as walls and pasted posters, to create complex images and portraits. Using chisels, jackhammers and other tools, the artist unveils the different depths of materials, revealing the hidden history behind city surfaces. This process creates an interesting juxtaposition between the ruin of the walls and the beauty of the emerging image.

Vhils’ work is charged with meaning and depth. Every face, every figure depicted on urban surfaces is a reflection on the fragility of the human being and his relationship with his surroundings. Through his work, the artist invites the public to reflect on the social, political and environmental issues of our time. His art is a critique of consumer society, human alienation and the oblivion of our cultural roots.



credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vhils-all-city-canvas-global-series-hermosillo-por-jose-pando-lucas.jpg


Vhils’ notoriety has grown rapidly, and his works have been exhibited in major museums and art galleries around the world. From the streets of Lisbon, where he started, to major metropolises such as New York, London, Berlin and Hong Kong, his creations fascinate and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Vhils’ exhibitions have shown how street art can transcend traditional art boundaries and reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Besides street art, Vhils has also ventured into other art forms, such as painting, sculpture and installation. He has shown great versatility and a continuous search for new ways to express his artistic vision. His constant evolution and experimental spirit make him one of the most innovative and challenging artists of his time.



credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mural_Art%C3%ADstico_de_Vhils_-_Barreiro_-_Portugal_%2850160823911%29.jpg


Despite his great international success, Vhils has maintained strong ties to his roots and his community. He founded the Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Arade in his hometown Lisbon to promote contemporary art and give space to young emerging talents.

In conclusion, Vhils is an extraordinary artist who has revolutionised contemporary art through an original and daring approach. His ability to transform degraded urban surfaces into meaningful and fascinating works of art is a sign of his talent and dedication. With his social impact and unique style, Vhils is destined to leave an indelible mark on the history of art.


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