Colourful bathrooms: ideas and tips for choosing the perfect shade!

In the last few years, colour has become increasingly important in bathroom design. This trend is in line with the bathroom’s changing role from a purely functional space to one dedicated to pampering and personal care.

Whether the bathroom is modern or classic, colour can give the space an original or even bold look. We’ve put together some tips from our interior designers to guide you in making wise colour choices that best suit your home’s style. Coloured basin countertops, shelves, bathtubs: you can play with all the bathroom elements to find the ideal colour combination.

So what are you waiting for? Brighten your bathroom with a splash of colour!

Green or blue bathroom: harmony and tranquillity

The colours green and blue symbolize calm, tranquillity and equilibrium. Whether tiles, furniture or walls, blue shades give the bathroom a comfortable, deep-rooted feel, while green shades convey fresh, harmonious sensations.

Therefore, this is the ideal colour choice for a bathroom dedicated to taking it easy and not worrying about a thing. The bathroom becomes a sanctuary for focusing completely on personal care and chilling out. The designer Slaven Juricic selected a bright blue lacquered monobloc unit for one of the bathrooms of a Toronto home that he decorated.

Arredo Bagno Colorato Blu Idee Arredo Bagno Colorato Blu

Yellow bathroom: warmth and light

Positive energy, optimism, vigour. All these qualities are present in the colour yellow, which is recommended for those who want a bright start to the day. The colour works particularly well as a furniture finish or accent colour on details.

There are a wide variety of shades to choose from, ranging from pale yellow linen to popping saffron. Yellow is also perfect for creating unique colour contrasts with coloured walls, the white of the basin or the wooden floor. With this in mind, architect Stefania Musso opted for an intense yellow when she decorated the laundry of a Turin, Italy apartment, adding a touch of personality to the entire space and accentuating the designer basin.

fioricoloratigiallo Arredo Bagno Color Giallo Arredo Bagno Colorato Idee

Brown bathroom: elegance and tradition

Brown is the colour of wood, an earthy tone that complements a dignified bathroom. The colour unites a classic and modern style as seen in this mansion in Virginia, designed by architect Natascha Folens, who selected Soft Pine bathroom furniture. Furniture, basin countertops, accessories and decorations: brown can shape your bathroom’s decor in a variety of ways and is particularly fitting for those who adore a traditional or classical look and want a touch of style without overdoing it.

Arredo Bagno Color Marrone  Arredo Bagno Color Marrone

Grey bathroom: neutral and nurturing

When considering adding colour to a bathroom, grey often emerges as the ideal choice since it’s neutral but not as restrictive as white. No surprise it’s become one of the most popular choices for bathrooms in the last few years.

The shades of grey are plentiful. Therefore, it’s recommended to take into account the bathroom’s natural and artificial light in order to select the proper shade that stands out without creating a spent effect, especially when the wall tiles are also grey.

Arredo Bagno Colorato Idee Grigio Arredo Bagno Colorato Grigio  Arredo Bagno Colorato Idee Grigio

What is the most suitable shade to add a splash of colour to your bathroom? The choice is definitely the one that unites your personal taste and the style of your home as well as blends in harmoniously with the rest of your furniture.

Whether you choose warm colours such as red, yellow or orange, or cool colours such as blue, azure or any of its many shades, the design possibilities are nearly endless. You just have to find the right one!

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