Classic or Modern style? Five bathroom design solutions to draw inspiration from

When talking about interior design, question is always the same: how to choose the right style? Focusing on tradition, classic and soft lines or daring with creative and newer design collections? When dealing with bathroom design, the issue becomes even more complicated. The bathroom is increasingly playing an important role in the house and achieving more and more dignity and personality, because it represents the place for the most important moments of the day: personal hygiene and relaxation. Nowadays people choose bathroom furniture with even more accuracy and attention in order to guarantee themselves a pleasant space that provides the most in terms of comfort and wellness.  

Classic or modern style?

The market offers two options which suit both styles. When faced with different interior designs, people usually make their choice on the basis of their personality or lifestyle, but also on the basis of available space or aesthetic, practical and functional requirements.


Among the most popular choices are those in a modern style.  Clean lines rule in bathroom design in 2016: the washbasin becomes the main focus in the space, taking on round and ergonomic shapes.

Modern design is much more varied, it continually evolves according to the principles of design and to the styles of the moment.

The choices depend on available space: a box shower can suit a small bathroom, while a free-standing bath, featuring eclectic design, can suit a larger area.

Also the bathroom fixtures feature newer shapes and colours. The new trend is minimal style with a varied range of colours: the market offers an explosion of opaque shades from black to bronze, gold or petrol colour as an alternative to white, the typical colour of the classic style.

A warm homelike atmosphere. This is the most common feeling created by classic interior design style. Always up-to-date, classic style lasts through time without being overwhelmed by newer trends.

Wood is certainly the king of classic style with its dark colours like walnut or wengè. Mirror frames usually feature the same wood-effect with a large and defined edge. When it comes to the washbasin, the choice is clear: white ceramic, set into the bathroom fixtures. To give a deeper vintage effect, opt for taps and other accessories covered in coated brass.

As an alternative to the traditional shower, try a free-standing bath located in the centre of the room; bathroom fixtures are in shades of white.

The 2016 trend is shabby chic style which meets the tastes both of romantic people and lovers of vintage.

Those who cannot choose between the two styles (classic or modern), can certainly opt for a Classic-Contemporary style. It is characterised  by classic materials revamped by the use of more neutral and modern colours. Dark wood leaves space for the neutral shades of maple, spruce or marble.

The typical bathroom must be comfortable but elegant, functional, in clean, simple and refined lines, without redundant or undefined elements. Bathroom design is following the trends, with a focus both on aesthetic effect and innovative technology.

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