Direct, diffused or decorative: the right lighting for every room in the home

The right home lighting design is one of the most important factors for the room to be functional but attractive at the same time. There are several factors to consider in the choice of home lighting, first of all the use of the area to be illuminated, the color of the walls and furnishings, and the size of the room.

It is advisable to provide several light fixtures for each room: one or more light sources spaced out to illuminate the entire area, integrated with spotlights to position where they are needed. General lighting can be equipped with a dimmer switch to adjust the intensity as desired. By opting for LED lighting in the most advanced models, it is possible to adjust the light temperature, in addition to intensity, modulating it according to specific needs.

How do you choose the right lighting for every room in the home?


Often considered to just a simple hallway, the entryway serves as an introduction to the house and therefore deserves special attention: lighting must maintain continuity with connecting rooms, especially the living room. Whether it’s a square room or a long corridor, it is advisable to avoid hanging chandeliers in the lobby unless it is a large room: in addition to classic recessed lighting, you can opt for a recessed soft light within a plasterboard drop ceiling; decorative lighting lovers can choose applique or floor lamps instead.


It is a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment and, in some cases, is used as a representation environment: for this reason lighting the living room is rather complex, especially if it is an open space connected with the kitchen and the dining area. General lighting can be assigned to wall lamps positioned at one or more points, or, if the ceiling is high, a classic suspended chandelier. The conversation area requires soft light that creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that can be achieved through table lamps placed on side tables or reading lamps beside the seats. To emphasize a particular piece of furniture or artwork, directional spotlights can be used.

Dining Room

The only rule to follow for the dining area is to properly illuminate the table. The choice ranges from suspended chandeliers and arched floor lamps that allow you to position the light source directly over the table.

The choice and placement of the lamp and chandelier are very important for the comfort of the diners: the light must be intense and the height of the fixture must be such that it does not create shadows on the surface of the table or blind people. For this reason it is advisable to choose chandeliers with lampshades.

Wood dining table and lamp


In the kitchen the technical needs dictate the rules on lighting: in addition to a proper diffused light, in fact, it is necessary to guarantee that all work surfaces intended for food preparation are fully operational. Typically, the lighting of the cook top is entrusted to the light source integrated into the exhaust hood, while for other areas, such as the sink and the counter, you can opt for different solutions: the most current are the LED strips inserted under the cabinets.


Lighting in the most intimate area of the home, devoted to rest, must be as soft as possible: in addition to direct lighting on the sides of the ceiling, it is possible to create diffused lighting using floor lamps or table lamps located at different points in the room; ceiling fixtures and spotlights are not recommend for their blinding effect.

Bedroom Lightning


In the bathroom there are essentially two light sources: a general diffused by ceiling lights or wall lamps, and one located around the mirror, the most important part.

Bathroom Lightning Mastella Dress
Dress 2.0 Collection, Mastella

The temperature of the light source should ideally be as close to natural light as possible, to avoid coloured reflections that would make applying makeup problematic: soft white bulbs should be chosen. In addition, the light must be bright enough to light the face without creating overly pronounced shadows: in this case LED backlit mirrors are ideal for enjoying the right lighting while at the same time providing the bathroom with a design element that is sought-after and in line with current trends.

Led backlit mirror
Dress 2.0 Collection, Mastella



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