Contemporary villa in Toronto

Inglewood Toronto (ON)
Mariapaola Miele

These are exciting times for the Toronto real estate market. The demand for single houses is growing and the need arises to renovate centuries-old houses and build modern and more sustainable residences, which blend within the traditional neighborhoods of Toronto. 276 Inglewood is a perfect example of how a contemporary home has been able to blend into a traditional street landscape that reflects a growing taste for architectural style. The house was built with the utmost care and finishes of the highest quality. For the bathroom furnishings, lacquered monobloc furniture was chosen that show off bright colors such as blue, red, orange and burgundy. The environment, furnished with a lively touch, however, does not lose elegance thanks to the Koral shower with clean and essential lines and the Dress furniture in smoked walnut with pull-out opening and integrated sink in Mak Mat, above which the Mir Mirror appears -Mat. The main bathroom of the house, on the other hand, adopts a more elegant style. In fact, it houses the Betty bathtub combined with the Summit furniture composition with double integrated sink in Mak Lux with white Mat sides and Wengé fronts, an elegant and functional collection thanks to the throat-opening drawers.

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