Five tips to renovate a small bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom that you want to renovate but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you can find some easy tips here: you’ll find that, by implementing the right tips even a smallish room can look really spacious and comfortable!

Tips to make your bathroom look larger

1. The right colours

Cromotherapy is important for its various psychological effects – e.g. on your mood – but the colour of walls and furniture can also be cleverly used to make a room look larger. Different shades of colours do, in fact, influence our perception of space: choose cold hues (like blue or air-force blue) to give the impression of a larger room (warm colours tend to achieve the opposite effect).

2. Use mirrors and wallpaper to “expand” walls

As well as choosing the right colours you can also employ a few strategies to make the room look larger: no, you don’t have to knock down any walls, but, by using mirrors or wallpaper portraying landscapes you can easily create the illusion of having more space.

3. The sizes (of the tiles) count

When tiling floors and walls, the size of the tiles counts just as much as their colour: large ones with the smallest possible gaps between them are ideal here. Mosaic tiles are beautiful for large bathrooms but they make smaller bathrooms look even smaller: they’re best avoided!

4. Choose your sanitary ware carefully

For as much as concerns the toilet and bidet we suggest you choose to install them flush against the wall and wall hung, better still if the cistern is integrated in the wall. By keeping the floor as clear as possible you will, in fact, achieve the illusion of having more space, also because light will have more room to expand.

5. Choose bathroom furniture with the most storage space

We at Mastella know very well that not all bathroom furniture is born equal. If you are about to renovate a small bathroom, the first thing to do to choose the right furniture is to check the inside carefully and choose the ones with the most storage space. Our new SMART.46 collection, for instance, has been specifically designed to be extremely roomy while still featuring a particularly small size. How did we manage to do this? You can find out by reading this page!


Are you renovating a small bathroom too?

Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your situation!

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