Bathroom double basins, from luxurious to practical

Not that long ago, a bathroom with two basins was a luxury that only a select few could afford.

In fact, you needed to have a large bathroom to accommodate two basins, truly a symbol of elegance and pampering. Yet today a double basin doesn’t require extensive space and is reflective of our new lifestyle in which we share space beginning first thing in the morning as we prepare to face the new day.
He shaves; she applies her make-up.

Double basins in the bathroom — whether separate, vessel or integrated — are one of the hottest trends in bathroom design. Since new basins tend to be smaller in size and often feature minimal designs, all you need is an average-sized bathroom to enjoy this indulgence.
But the secret is taking into consideration some key variables. Let’s go through them together.


Two basins in the same bathroom allow two people to get ready at the same time. For this reason, you must calculate precisely the distance between the two basins to ensure that there’s a place for everyone and everything. For double basins, at least 120 centimetres of space are required. Even better is no fewer than 140 centimetres. The added space allows you to place two basins 20 centimetres apart, leaving about 15 centimetres between the basins’ rims.

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Keeping in mind that the two basins allow two people to get ready together, proper lighting of both spaces is essential.
In fact, a single, central light fixture can cast deep shadows that make daily grooming rituals all the more difficult. Ideally, each basin has its own lamp or a single fixture is installed which is long enough to illuminate both spaces. The same holds true for the mirrors. You can hang two mirrors to create two distinct spaces or one large mirror for a unified look.

Once you’ve considered these variables and your bathroom’s features, you can then choose a type of basin. There are three popular options.

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Semirecessed basin

This type of basin is perfect for small bathrooms since every last centimetre of counter space can be utilized.

Integrated basin

With this basin type, you can also take full advantage of the available space, but the real plus is that the countertop and basins appear to be a sleek, single unit. This is a popular option particularly when there’s one basin divided into two parts since the overall look is clean and streamlined.

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Overcounter basin

A sophisticated, stylish basin, it’s in vogue right now. This type is also perfect for spaces in which deep and standard-sized vanities won’t fit. In fact, a countertop with a depth of just 30 centimetres is more than enough to rest the basin on top of. This is an original way to add character to your bathroom.

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