Bathroom lighting: lamps for every style

Artificial light is a very important element in decorating: in addition to having the function of illuminating the space in the absence of natural light, it helps to make it comfortable.
In a room such as the bathroom, where natural light is often scarce, the position of task and ceiling light fixtures should be carefully chosen: general illumination from ceiling lights needs to be factored in, together with task lighting located in different areas of the bathroom.
The light should be as close as possible to natural light: light sources in neutral white light are generally used with a slightly warm color temperature, between 3,300 and 5,300 degrees Kelvin.
As for ceiling lights, fixtures with colored glass diffusers should be avoided, since they would alter the color output of the light and make it difficult to correctly apply make-up. When it comes to the design, the fixtures should be in line with the style of the bathroom.

Shabby chic

 The romantic and retro atmospheres of this style require, in addition diffused lighting, one or more areas with warm and soft light: a small table lamp set on a shelf, one or more lamps mounted above the sink or a floor lamp, all strictly salvaged, will give that original touch to the bathroom and outside the typical patterns of this style.

The crystal chandelier, precious and traditionally placed in the living room or dining room, emphasizes the elegance of the environment, while an art deco antique adds a precious touch. For a simpler country option, ceiling lights with opaque white glass globes are perfect, sphere or flower shaped, secured with braided wires.


Rough wood, iron or bronze elements, basic shapes and lines: industrial style, minimalist and characterized by the choice of decontextualized decor is inspired by the factories and offices of the past. The electrical system can become an important decorative element if it is exposed with burnished pipes or industrial plastic tubing. There is a very wide range of choices for light fixtures: ranging from lighted signs to lamps with bulbs that are exposed or contained in iron or copper cages, all the way to lamps with black or colored metal shades and enameled white interior to increase the intensity of the light. When visible, the bulb should be decorative and transparent with a vintage style filament.



In the 2017 bathroom decor trends, modern style is placing all bets on lighting: thanks to LED technology, the volumes and the profiles are illuminated to create elegant and scenic atmosphere. LED strips, used judiciously, can be applied along the contours of the elements: the profile of the tub or the shower enclosure, in niches, above shelves, or around the borders of the ceiling.


In the modern style bathroom, a mirror with integrated LED lighting is a must: technology and contemporary design characterize the latest generation of mirrors. Light plays a major role in these
elegant and multifunctional pieces. The choice varies from backlit mirrors, with or without ambient wall lighting, to mirror cabinets, either in free standing models or integrated into the vanity with LED inserts along the edges. Even in this case neutral white light is used that can be integrated with color LED lights, to create a striking atmosphere.

For those who prefer classic hanging fixtures, the big trend are fixtures arranged in groups of two or more elements placed in a corner of the room or above the bathtub: a contemporary solution that gives the bathroom an elegant and original touch.


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