How to perfume your home in autumn with natural scents

If you were able to air your home during the spring and summer, with the arrival of autumn, which brings with it the first colds and a bit of humidity, it is essential to find ways to avoid the formation of unpleasant odours. There are plenty of solutions on the market to suit all tastes, […]

Bathroom furniture: trends of 2022

The Salone Del Mobile in Milan, the most eagerly awaited event of the year from which all the furnishing trends of 2022 emerge, has just ended. There’s no shortage of news in the bathroom either. Let’s find out together what are the trends of 2022 regarding the bathroom. 1. Tiles One of the first things […]

Bathroom mirror light: how to choose the right one

Integrated in the frame, with backlighting, or from an external lamp. When it comes to light for the bathroom mirror, the possibilities are almost endless and the effects are just as varied. So how do you make the right choice? Follow our advice to help you make the right choice! In the magazine, we have […]

Wood effect bathroom surfaces, timeless classics

Interior design trends come and go, but there are a few guaranteed favourites, which rank among the top choices, year after year. Wood effect bathroom surfaces are a timeless classic and, even with a slight variation, they are always among the most popular choices.

Bathroom tiles: the aspects to consider when choosing tiles

Tiles are one of typical materials used in bathrooms. Whether white, coloured or with geometric or floral designs, tiles help define the bathroom’s style and can be used on both the floors and walls. When choosing tiles, you need to take into account both form and function, as well as leaving open the possibility to […]

Details to decorate the bathroom

Whether it’s small, spacious, new or being renovated, paying attention to the details of your bathroom is the best way to create a space that looks like you and is organized in the best possible way. Even the smallest of bathrooms can look luxurious when decorated with a clear idea and, most importantly, with proper […]

Gray bathroom: ideas and inspirations

Elegant, balanced, trendy. Grey is a colour with thousands of shades that perfectly blend into every home interior, including the bathroom. In the last few years, grey has been one of the most popular colours not only for large environments but also for small spaces.  The many shades of grey used both for the tiles […]