Tecnoril® is a material consisting of 70% natural mineral material combined with high quality acrylic resin (ATH & PMMA), rather than polyester resin. This ensures that it will maintain its original color for a long time without yellowing. Since it is a solid material, hygienic and flame-retardant, not coated or laminated, Tecnoril® can be used to obtain high-performance, elegant installations with excellent yield. The compact, non-porous surface is durable and easy to clean with normal household detergents. With its composition and uniform color through the entire thickness, small cuts, scratches and cigarette burns can be easily repaired to restore the product its original beauty (in this case we suggest contacting an expert).

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Tecnoril® is a sturdy, durable material but, like all sophisticated products, it can be damaged if used improperly. To ensure the long life of your sink or counter in Tecnoril®, we provide a few recommendations for easy maintenance, so you can be satisfied for many years with the product purchased. For general maintenance, we recommend cleaning the surface with warm water and mild detergent, using a soft damp cloth or sponge. Dry with a soft cloth.

Tecnoril® is a non- porous material and therefore stains are not absorbed below the surface. However, since the degree of damage will depend on the durations of the contact with the staining agent, it is best to remove stains immediately. In case of stains caused by hard water, soap or mineral products, clean with a scale-removing detergent (e.g.: vinegar, VIAKAL®,AJAX®, CIF® scale remover). Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. In case of other kinds of stains (markers, lipstick, grease, food residues, etc.) clean with an ammonia-based detergent (e.g.: CIF® ammoniacal). Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

In case of particularly stubborn stains or small cuts or scratches, use an abrasive detergent (e.g.: VIM®, AJAX®) and an abrasive sponge (e.g.: SCOTCH-BRITE®). Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. In case of cigarette burns or small cuts, use the “Maintenance Kit” (supplied on request), or a sequence of fine-grain sandpaper sheets: 220/320/500 (possibly 1000, to finish), taking care to clean the area with hot water and a soft cloth between one sanding and the next.

Attention that some particularly aggressive chemical products such as strong acids (e.g. concentrated sulphuric acid), chetones (e.g. acetone), chlorinated solvents
(e.g. chloroform) or combinations of solvents (e.g. paint removers) can stain and damage the materials. In case of accidental contact with these products, remove all traces at once. Whatever happens, nothing is irreparable: Tecnoril® can be repaired and restored quickly and easily by contacting an expert.

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