MITEK – MineralMarmo® is material composed of 75% natural mineral charges (calcium carbonates and aluminium trihydrates) blended with 25% polyesterresin. The gelcoat film that covers the surface of the material is of the acrylate polyester type which allows excellent characteristics of resistance to be obtained. Its appearance and its mechanical land chemical characteristics make this material perfectly suitable for furnishing bathrooms and public rooms.

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The frequent cleaning of MineralMarmo® ensures that its original beauty is maintained and prevents signs of wear over time. Some aggressive chemicals may damage the surface of MineralMarmo®. It is advised not to use strong acids and bases (such as hydrochloric acid and caustic soda), ketones (acetone), chlorinated solvents (trichloroethylene) and products used in the painting sector. In many cases it doesn’t have problem with make-up, nail enamel and related solvent.

Taking care of MineralMarmo®. Is easy and quick. In order to remove stains, limescale or stains that commonly deposit on the surface just clean MineralMarmo®. With
rinse carefully. The cleaning products more used are: ACE gel,CIF gel, AJAX to use with non abrasive sponge or with a cotton cloth.

Improper use can cause visible defects on MineralMarmo®. surface. It is often possible to eliminate scratches, stains or splinters easily at home. If the gelcoat isn’t damaged totally in its depths, it will be possible to uniform the surface by using very fine sandpaper (800-1000 grain). To regain original brilliance use polish products (i.e. car bodies polish will be ok).

Avoid abrasive sponges or cleaners. MineralMarmo® has a good resistance to heat but it is better to avoid leaning scorching objects on the surface. Do not use aggressive chemical cleaners such as nail varnish remover or trichloroethylene. Some substances such as ink, cosmetics and dyes could leave stains on the surface after a prolonged contact. Do not lean directly on Mineralmarble lit up cigarettes. Do not cut anything directly on MineralMarmo® surface.

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