Laminam® Gres

Laminate porcelain obtained by wet grinding of clayish raw materials, granite and metamorphic, feldspar-containing rocks and ceramic pigments. Compacted by a special shaping in compatter and sintering at 1200°C, with hybrid firing. With single gauge square edge, with double slab coupled with a structural reinforcement in inert material (fiberglass blanket placed between the two slabs). Characteristics: easy to clean, it has no special maintenance requirements, compact surface, non porous, resistant to mould, fungi, staining, detergents, humidity, scratching and abrasion (Laminam Lux is more sensitive to scratching than other Laminam surfaces).

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Calacatta Oro Venato
Calce Nero
Fokos Rena
Fokos Sale
Noir Desir
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Generally, for everyday cleaning of Laminam use warm water and neutral detergents if required, with a soft cloth. Follow the instructions given on the detergent package. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the surface with a soft cloth. LAMINAM LUX: Stains not promptly removed may leave
more or less visible traces on the surface, in accordance with the tolerance of the specific type of finishing. Do not use abrasive sponges. Do not drag objects directly on the top.

To remove stains or particularly resistant residues from the Laminam surface, clean first with warm water and neutral detergent. If this is not sufficient, use increasingly incisive cleaning techniques and specific products, depending on the stain, including:

– Non-abrasive neutral pH detergents
– Slightly abrasive detergents
– Acid or alkaline detergents
– Solvent-based detergents

If the surfaces become damaged or chipped during the use of the top, given the specific technical and mechanical characteristics of porcelain stoneware and ceramic materials generally it is not possible to make these defects completely disappear as it can be done with other materials.
While not advised, the slabs can be restored using epoxy 2-component glues in a similar colour to that of the Laminam slab, though with different properties and finishes from the original surface.

To prevent matt stains, do not use products containing wax. Laminam Lux: Do not use abrasive sponges. Do not drag objects directly on the top.

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