Deimos® belongs to the class of Solid Surface materials, consisting of a combination of several natural minerals and hight performance polyester resin. The discreet presence of various mineral granules, in different sizes and colours, reinforces the material appearance typical of Solid Surfaces. Thanks to its characteristic of being a compact, uncoated or laminated material, Deimos® allows for elegant and high-performance installations. The compact, hygienic, flame retardant and non-porous surface is durable and easy to clean with common household cleaning products. The composition and colour of Deimos®, which is supplied in different shades of colour, are homogeneous throughout the entire thickness of its mass: thanks to this, small cuts, scratches and burns of cigarettes can be easily removed to restore the product’s original beauty (even in the presence of particularly deep cuts or engravings, in which case we suggest you contact a specialist craftsman).

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Clean the surface using warm water and a mild detergent on a soft damp, non-abrasive, cloth or sponge. Rinse with warm water on a soft cloth and dry using a soft cloth.
In the case of fingerprints or particularly greasy hands, clean with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol or degreasing agent.

Clean using a descaling detergent (e.g. vinegar, VIAKAL®, CIF®, descaler). Rinse with warm water on a soft, non-abrasive cloth and dry using a soft cloth.

Clean using a non-abrasive ammonia detergent. Rinse with warm water on a soft, non-abrasive cloth and dry using a soft cloth.

Deimos® is a non-porous material and therefore does not absorb stains easily. However, the entity of possible damage depends on how long the contact with the staining agent persists. It is therefore recommended to immediately remove all stains.

Use an abrasive detergent (e.g. VIM®, AJAX®) on an abrasive sponge (e.g. SCOTCH-BRITE®). Rinse with warm water on a soft cloth and dry using a soft cloth. In case articularly deep cuts, use the “Maintenance kit” 01RS supplied on request, or use sanding paper in sequence 180 – 240 – 320. Finish with SCOTCH-BRITE®.

Deimos® resists extreme temperatures quite well, it is however suggested to protect it in case of direct contact with high temperature sources (e.g.: using a pot mat).
Some particularly aggressive chemical products such as disinfectant fluids (e.g. tincture of iodine), strong acids (e.g. concentrated sulfuric acid), ketones (e.g. acetone), chlorinated solvents (e.g. chloroform) or combinations of solvents (e.g. varnish removing products) may stain or damage Deimos® surfaces. In case of accidental contact with the above products, immediately remove all traces or residues.

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