The bathroom for “Him”

Simplicity, practicality, precision: these are the predominant characteristics of men’s favorite bathroom decor. Bathroom furniture designed for him must allow everything to be within reach, but without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the composition: the man of our time is attentive to the choice of materials and finishes, which must be high-quality and resistant.

Minimalist design and elements in the open

It has been said that practicality is one of the basic elements of the bathroom decor for him: furniture in basic shapes, characterized by clean lines and the absence of frills, perfectly embodies the nature of functional furnishings.

A solution that has really been trending when it comes to furnishing a male bath, although not exclusively, is having elements in the open: these represent a choice that combines functionality and aesthetics. Open compartments allow you to put in order all the items and accessories that are used daily in the bathroom so that they are available immediately, keeping a clean and airy design, thanks to the simplicity of the items that frame the storage compartments.

Byte 2.0 Collection by Mastella, Composition 04

Dark tones and rough wood

With the functionality of the bathroom decor in view, colours and finishes are usually chosen among the darkest shades and the roughest materials, which give a strong and durable appearance to the entire space. This isn’t limited to furniture: it starts with the coatings chosen for the walls and floors, which are usually made in gray, blue and black tones, preferring matte finish, hammered and irregular tiles. Sometimes the classic tile coating even disappears, leaving room for resin-based, skim coat, and water-repellent paints, which allow the creation of high-character coatings, with finishes that recall post-industrial style.

The furniture preferred by men for their bathroom goes in the same direction as the coatings: dark colors are the most popular ones, although this time they are partially dimmed by the woods, which can take on the lighter shades of Soft Pine, up to the warmer and more captivating shades of Frassino Moro (Dark Ash).

Kami Collection by Mastella, Composition 02

Technical materials and clean shapes for fixtures

Sinks and bathtubs are important elements in the connotation of a bathroom space. In the one dedicated to him, the preferred shapes for the fixtures are simple, but not necessarily straight-edged: the man’s eye is attentive to design trends and the more contemporary and sophisticated solutions stand out in their bathrooms.

Give the go-ahead to free-standing tubs, to protagonist sinks that rise above the vanity and to solutions featuring statuesque vessel sinks: a console made of technical material is the perfect example.

Comfort is essential: sinks, bathtubs and showers will always be large, preferably made of materials such as Solid Surface, capable of shaping surfaces with matt and polished finishes, warm and extremely pleasing to the touch. For these reasons, Tecnoril and CristalPlant are ideal for fixture production, but also for monolithic consoles that are currently very trendy.

Do not miss: Solid Surface allows the production of highly resistant and hygienic elements, characteristics that are highly appreciated by the man who designs the bathroom for his home.

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