Peacock blue: the color of the 2016/17 cold season

It is now a matter of fact: the trends for furnishings colors in the 2016-2017 cold season are definitely geared towards the palettes of blues and greens. Among such colors as denim blue, ultramarine, meadow green, and forest green, the sophisticated peacock blue stands out.
Rich and intense, blue peacock is hard to refuse for decor, however, if used wisely, it can be more versatile than expected and give the place a touch of originality and refinement.


More warm and velvety than ultramarine due to its grey-green notes, peacock blue is best combined with bold color tones, whether they are contrasting or tone on tone, but also in tandem with white. Try bold combinations like coral red and purple, pink and turquoise, more subdued with other, or decidedly daring with gold.


Despite being a difficult color, peacock blue can be applied to the walls, to the furniture, and decorations; in environments such as the living room and bedroom it can be used in small doses in textile items such as pillows, curtains, and carpets, or become a leading player in upholstered beds and seating. Fabrics such as velvet and silk enhance its iridescent properties, while opaque surfaces emphasize its extraordinary depth. Mirrors and gold-decorated frames add a touch of brightness and evoke precious Art Deco interiors.


For those not afraid to be bold, green light peacock blue on the walls: in a large area and high ceilings, you can use the full height without fearing the effect of the walls closing in on you that would often characterizes dark colors. In small rooms, on contrast, it must be used with care, maybe using it on a single wall or to create a wainscoting. Alternatively you can consider wallpaper: which is hard to resist in the face of gorgeous collections based on the “peacock feather” motif that some manufacturers have included in their catalogues.



Finally, blue peacock can ideally be used in the bathroom, perhaps the area of the home that best lends itself to experimentation. Accessories and peacock blue linen can help renew the look of your bathroom, but if you expect a more radical intervention, explore the possibility of using it on the walls as a coating or paint. This way you will get a perfect scene to enhance modern bathroom furnishings with a subdued and refined design or bath fixtures with unusual and contemporary forms, such as bathtubs and free standing sinks.

Peacock blue

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