Modern bathrooms: five must-haves!

Form and function are the key words for a modern bathroom. In fact, more and more attention is being paid to the design of this quintessential space for personal care.

But what will it take to make your bathroom modern? Without a doubt, a modern bathroom is filled with innovative design elements that are not only fashionable but also functional.
The bathroom, therefore, is a blend of beauty and efficiency for an overall striking effect.

At the most recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile, interior designer Yulia Sheveleva said, “The trend in bathroom design is minimalism with clean, neat shapes. (…) Everything is as simple, elegant and functional as possible”.

Let’s check out five of this year’s hottest trends. These must-haves for every modern bathroom were also seen at Milan’s International Bathroom Exhibition in April.

Bathroom furniture units

In 2018, one of the trends for modern bathrooms is a fluid design that creates a sense of continuity.
For example, the countertop becomes one with the basin, so much so that it feels and looks as if it were a single piece.
This aspect is seen also in the rest of bathroom’s furnishings for a coordinated look that optimizes the available space, an ideal choice also for small bathrooms.

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Minimal showers

Every modern bathroom needs to have a shower and it typically features clean, sleek lines with a glass or crystal enclosure framed in steel.
The shower tray, lastly, is hardly visible, creating a unified look with the flooring. Since it’s flush with the flooring, the shower and the rest of the bathroom seem to be one integrated unit.

Arredo bagno moderno

Marble look

The fashionable choices for surfaces are marble, marble effect (for example Gres) and textured materials that give the space a natural feel.
This year, in particular, veiny surfaces are all the rage that can be used both for the countertop and the walls, giving the environment a compelling, classy look.
In addition, marble-effect surfaces match beautifully with wood elements, adding a new dimension to the space.

Arredo bagno moderno

Smart bathrooms

Technology has even arrived in our bathrooms for smart homes that are also increasingly eco-friendly.
The proof is in the available touch mirrors with energy-efficient LED lights and sensors for fading up or down the lighting depending on your needs during the course of the day.

Arredo bagno moderno


The modern bathroom can also have a vintage look. You can’t go wrong with cementine, a type of porcelain decorative tile that is a popular choice for both floors and walls.
These small tiles have their origins in 19th-century artistic tiles. They can be arranged to create unusual, unique designs in each room. Keeping in line with this year’s trends, these tiles are also ideal for creating geometric or floral designs.

Arredo bagno moderno
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