How to choose the right carpet: sizes, styles and colors

Choosing the right carpet may seem simple, however you might choose the wrong size or to opt for colors or designs that do not harmonize with your decor or floors.

Whether it’s a precious carpet or a simple runner, you must follow some simple rules to avoid common mistakes. As regards the size, you must first record the measurements of the area you want to cover: for a conversation area, the carpet must be at least 20 cm larger per side than the size of the seating area. For carpets placed under the dining table, the dimensions may increase up to 70 cm. If the room is large enough, you can use more small or medium-sized rugs, perhaps in combinations of different shapes: this trick helps to make the space more dynamic and welcoming.

Carpets can give a personal touch to every room in the house: a runner lightens the long, narrow hallway, while a cheerful round rug gives life to a square room. Soft and spongy mats are essential for comfort in the bathroom and bedside rugs bring a touch of warmth to the rooms. As for colors, you should choose those that harmonize with the room’s textiles and furniture. However, if the dominant hue of the room is neutral, then the sky is the limit. To make the right choice look to the 2017 trends in sizes, styles and colors: there are so many offerings that are suitable for every need.

The timeless Persian Rug


It’s the quintessential rug, able to evoke the magical atmosphere of Arabian Nights. The Persian rug never goes out of style and is beautiful even if it shows signs of wear.

It’s the perfect complement to the classic style, the refined touch for a bohemian style, and it can also be inserted in a modern setting as a contrast element. The small prayer carpets can find an unusual place in the kitchen or bathroom. For colors, bet on unusual combinations, such as peacock blue with ocher or light green with pink.

Geometric patterns at the forefront

Geometric patterns are featured for 2017. Lovers of Scandinavian style can look for new collections in pastel colors, while optical black and white graphics invade spaces in vintage style. Very popular Beni Ourain natural wool berber carpets, characterized by simple dark brown or black lines that form diamond patterns on the white background. In addition to the black and white tandem, the most trendy colors are gray, ivory, blue, and green.

Carpet as artwork

Inspired by art, some companies offer carpets depicting landscapes, portraits, and abstract themes, signed by famous designers: carpet as artwork is the most original and contemporary proposal for 2017. It’s a character choice that makes the carpet the focal point that is suitable for large spaces and essential decor.

Solid colors

Last but not least are solid colors. It may be the obligatory choice for minimalist spaces, but it’s not necessarily synonymous with monotony and lack of imagination. In this case you can play with different textures, combining them to create delicate geometric and abstract effects. The colors in fashion include the gray range, ivory, blue, and green.

Persian Ph Credits: Pinterest @AnnaDorfman
Geometric Ph Credits: Pinterest @South Shore Decorating Bug
Various Ph Credits: Pinterest @seaofgirasoles

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