Your own Spa at home

Last trends about bath furnitures go in a pretty clear direction: whichever its size is, the bathroom has now evolved into an actual oasis of relax, a place where to devote to personal wellbeing. As it’s evident from the several thermal centres built by the Romans, the tradition of taking care of the body with water is a really ancient one.

The dream of having a small, domestic SPA is not an unachievable one anymore, thanks to a big number of companies offering several technical and aesthetic solutions to satisfy any bathroom and budget’s requirements, either in the case of total makeovers or of less “extreme” interventions.

The perfect SPA bathroom has to satisfy all senses and to give pleasant sensations, both to your body and mind, through the use of colours, perfumes and treatments such as hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. Materials, colours and lighting are key to recreate the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of a beauty centre.

There is a predominance of neutral colours and warm tones: the whole range of browns such as ochre and sand, alternated with dove grey and ivory are perfect matches, to be used on both upholsteries and on the furniture and accessories. We recommend natural materials with an opaque finish, such as wood and stone, to soften the atmosphere, and some adjustable lights you can tune down as you please.

Once the ideal atmosphere is set, the next step is to recreate the conditions for hydrotherapy as usually offered in a Spa in your home bathroom: that’s why to pick the good shower or bathtub is the most important thing to do.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money in expensive and cumbersome whirlpools or multi-functional showers: nowadays it’s easy to find advanced technology systems, to be added to pre-existing elements to easily create the conditions for a steam bath or for a regenerating hydro-massage, such as skilfully designed steamers and innovative water massage mats, silent and adaptable to any kind of bathtub.

To have your personal steam bath at home, you’d want to make sure the shower stall is wide and closed on the four sides, as the steam won’t go out.

As for bathtubs, they have to be comfortable and equipped with a flat rest surface, to have everything you need to achieve the deepest relaxation – from body wash and loofahs to an herbal tea and your favorite book, not to mention candles as an essential – at your fingertips.

As a final touch, have some essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy ready and a audio system set to spread out some relaxing, ambient music, such as the sound of waterfalls and of sea waves.

You can also add some luxuriant, colourfully flowered plants, such as ferns, palms and orchids.

To cap it all, choose good quality linens: fluffy towels, elegant bathrobes and soft slippers, for ending the treatment with a caress.

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