Toilet brush holder: from a purely functional item to a full-fledged decoration

An indispensable but undervalued bathroom accessory, the toilet brush holder has recently come back to the fore because of the trend that sees the bathroom as a protagonist in the field of design.

You have to go back to the ’70s to find this object at the center of the design icon universe: who does not remember Cucciolo, the plastic toilet brush holder designed by Makio Hasuike, which is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York? Twenty years later, designer Stefano Giovannoni designed the delightful plastic vase with a cactus-shaped handle and the evocative and entertaining name of Merdolino, produced by Alessi.

Since then, this accessory has become a lot simpler in form, to the point that it has a purely practical function without any attention to aesthetics. The growing need to experience the bathroom environment as a personal relaxation area has led the market to move toward a range of sophisticatedly designed accessories, including the toilet brush holder.


Serious or funny, in co-ordination with other accessories or unique objects, toilet brush holders are now available in a wide range using diverse materials, from plastic to ceramic, from glass to classic chromed steel, all the way to wrought iron and brushed bronze, so it can conform to any style. For retro-style baths, toilet brush holders with a ceramic vase decorated with floral motifs or prints inspired by the French Belle Epoque advertisements, with chromed steel or bronze handles are perfect.

Today, the brush has been offered even for zen-style bathrooms, thanks to some companies that offer refined collections inspired by Oriental aesthetics.

There is no lack of choices for the contemporary bathroom, geared towards a sophisticated and functional design with minimalist shapes, starting with the different support solutions, ranging from floor-standing to wall-mounted, or the multifunctional freestanding toilet roll and brush holder. The models, with hard lines most adapted for a minimalist bath, are offered in the most sought-after materials such as porcelain, thermoplastic resin or stainless steel in mirror or brushed versions: concrete accessories are a big trend, among which are some toilet brush holders are destined to enter among the circle of design icons.

For those who do not want to give up irony, there is no embarrassment of choices, among the models made of plastics with handles in the shapes of flamingos, cherries, branches with little birds or with a vase in the shape of a Lego brick or other imaginative ideas: a variety of proposals and solutions that up to a few years ago was unimaginable, suitable for all styles and needs.


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