Ten moves to give a new look to your home

You either want it out of necessity or out of pure desire for change, but every now and then you feel the need to renew the look of your home. Massive remodeling or investing a lot of money are not required to give a new look to the rooms: sometimes it just takes changing the arrangement of a room’s elements or adding a few accessories.

Here are 10 ideas from the world of interior design to give new life to your home.

# 1 Get rid of outdated or unused items

The renewal of a domestic environment begins with cleaning and eliminating superfluous items. Get rid of outdated accessories, bulky objects and products that have gone unused for a while now, as well as furnishings and decorative elements that no longer reflect your taste and personality. Decluttering, the task of “making room”, not only frees the home and sets the stage for a transformation, but it also frees the mind.

#2 Play with color

A great classic to rejuvenate the appearance of the house is painting the walls: in addition to refreshing the finish of a wall worn out by time, colour can totally modernize the rooms of a dwelling. The very fashionable shades of gray, dove-grey and ocher, can be mixed with brighter tones for accessories and furniture. Playing with contrasts is the password to give an original look to the house. Why not paint one of the walls of a room with a vibrant color? It will immediately give a modern look to a living room coloured with neutral tones or a delicate bedroom. And it’s not an expensive operation: you can do it yourself in a few hours, indulging your imagination and have fun in the process.


#3 Wallpaper

Another idea to begin to renew the look of your house starting from the walls is to use wallpaper to cover it. And if you still think it’s an outdated gimmick, think again: wallpaper, geometric patterns and floral motifs are more trendy than ever in interior design. Not only the classic cellulose or fabric: the technological evolution in this area has enabled many advances, introducing many innovative materials that can be used to cover the walls and an increasing personalization of the prints. An idea to make the home more original than ever is to use it in the bathroom: there are numerous moisture-resistant, washable and plastic finish vinyl wallpapers that are ideal for use in an environment such as the bathroom. Whether it is smooth, embossed or mimics three-dimensionality, Vinyl wallpaper is extremely versatile and can reproduce any decorative effect.

#4 Create harmony between the decoraitve elements

There are many ways to decorate the house. With the growing number of possibilities in choice and personalization, the risk is to accumulate a number of styles and different elements together that certainly do not help the aesthetics and the order of the space. Reinventing with decorations means removing, first of all, the misleading elements and create a new balance that unites all the elements of the house. Whether we are talking about modern stickers for the walls or more traditional paintings, positioning is essential: you need to make a plan, create coherent collections of images, paintings or posters and create a rhythm in the narrative that will be featured throughout the house.


#5 Position mirrors in a different way

Even the mirrors can become a valuable element of improvement in the rooms: just experiment with new arrangements and combinations to create fascinating plays on reflections. A narrow entrance can be made wider thanks to a white ceiling and mirrors arranged on an entire wall, a living room can be decorated with an arrangement of small mirrors, almost forming a mosaic. And even in the bathroom, why not try more unorthodox arrangements? An idea to revitalize this space may be to have a series of large mirrors with wooden frames over the bathtub, creating an intimate corner with a taste that is a little retro. Or you can place the mirror in such a way that reflects a picture or illustration hanging on the opposite wall, for a game of references that connects all parts of a room.


#6 Green decorating



A touch of vitality in the home can also be given by the inclusion of green elements within the living room or other areas of the house. Whether it’s broad-leaved plants, succulents, or colorful flowers, the important thing is to remember to place them near sources of natural light, or in any case in the brightest areas of the house. To use the plants in a home environment in a creative way, you can choose for example to arrange them in a vintage vase, or make them pop out in an interesting way among the other furnishings, on the floor or on furniture. Decorating green means giving the home a bit of freshness, which will help not only the aesthetics, but also your personal well-being.


#7 Renew upholstery and curtains

Curtains, pillows, sheets, sofa and armchair seats are not items to be underestimated when speaking of interior decoration. The forging of fabrics, shapes and especially the colors you choose to use in your home greatly affect the final visual impact and atmosphere to be created in the various rooms. Modernizing textile elements is the right way to give a new look to your home without doing costly remodeling. To always keep your house looking fresh, you could decide, for example, to change the textile elements every season: light fabrics and lots of bright colors for summer, heavier fabrics and warm colors to heat up the cold winter atmosphere.


#8 Decorating with light

Light fixtures in a home do not represent just a purely functional element to illuminating spaces. As a matter of fact, these increasingly take on different shapes and colors, becoming themselves decorative objects that can not be given up in a modern home. One of the most interesting new things in this field is paint that produces luminescent reflections: it is used to give shape to decorative elements on the walls, applied freehand or following the shapes of a stencil to create spectacular decorations. It is completely waterproof and water resistant . If you prefer something more classic, you can opt for a lamp with a contemporary design placed in a intriguing position, for example on the ground, on a carpet, or lighting a picture that is not hanging on the wall, but simply leaning against it.


#9 DIY furniture restoration


A fun and inexpensive way to give a new touch to your home is the restoration of an existing element in one of the rooms. A cabinet, a wooden wardrobe, an old table or chair can be revitalized with a brush and paint, decorating them in whole or partially depending on your taste and the style that you want to give to the house. Choose this option if you want to give a bit of a shabby touch to your house, ideal for a bright setting and welcoming atmosphere.


#10 Decorate with photos


Instead of the usual paintings, an idea to renovate your home and make it unique and personal is to hang your photos on the walls. The most important thing is the positioning, to be planned out in detail to make sure your walls become the narrative of your history.

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