Salus per Aquam: the benefits of water

“Health by means of water”: this is the literal translation of the Latin word Salus per Aquam.  Many trace back the etymology of the common term Spa to this phrase, by interpreting it as an acronym of the expression for the beneficial use of water in the thermal and wellness centers known by this name.

More accredited sources claim that the term Spa is not an acronym, but a reference to the homonymous Belgian city, which became famous back in the 14th century for its mineral waters with multiple properties.

No matter the origin of the term Spa and the references to the expression Salus per Aquam, everyone agrees on one thing: water has many beneficial properties for the body.

All the benefits of hot water for health

A spa treatment or a hot bath in the tub are not just little acts of pampering dedicated to pure pleasure: in fact these contribute to body care with very important effects. Here are some of the main benefits that hot water brings to the human body:

1 – Relaxation for body and mind

The first and most striking effect of a hot bath is definitely the feeling of relaxation that comes from it, both physically and mentally. Immersion in hot water helps to reduce the accumulation of stress and tension, promoting regeneration and a sense of rediscovered general well-being. The relaxation of the body also helps to relax your mind, allowing you to forget for a little bit about all of the worries that cause stress and anxiety.

2 – Helps fight insomnia

General body relaxation from a hot bath also helps to facilitate sleep. This is because when a tense body is immersed in hot water, the temperature rises and the muscles relax, causing a sense of torpor. Having a hot bath before going to sleep can therefore help you fall asleep more serenely.

3 – Helps in cases of muscular pain, rheumatism and arthritis

A bath in hot water can also have beneficial effects in cases of muscle pains, rheumatism and arthritis: the relieving of these discomforts also depends on the body’s general relaxation caused by immersion in water and its high temperatures. It is for this reason that it is usually advised to take some time for a hot bath after sports activity: the action of the water helps relax muscle fatigue and prevent pain caused by overexertion or small injuries that may occur during a particularly intense workout.

4 – Helps improve circulation

All treatments that utilize heat properties have the effect of stimulating blood circulation. Hot water exerts a slight pressure on the body, which prompts the heart to work more, increasing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure at the same time: a series of effects that work like real heart training, promoting its health and that of the whole body.

5 – Purifying effect and detox

Hot water is also beneficial for skin health. Heat helps pore dilation, allowing the water to penetrate deeply and exert a complete cleansing action that can remove any material, including the toxins that accumulate in the more superficial layers of the epidermis. After a hot bath not only will the skin be cleaner, but also smoother, more toned and luminous.

The benefits of hot water at your home

Bahia bathtub, Mastella Design

To enjoy the effects of hot water on your body you do not necessarily have to go to a spa or undergo expensive and frequent treatments: just choose a comfortable bathtub for your bathroom and set aside some time to devote to yourself.

Mastella bathtubs are designed to provide you with all the relaxation of a Spa right in your own home. Elegant and contemporary design combines with the latest generation of materials to create products that are ergonomic and pleasing to the eye and the touch: the result is high quality bathtubs that meet any bath furnishing needs.

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