How to customize the bathroom walls

Photos and paintings in line with the style of your bathroom decor


According to the latest trends, the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home, as evidenced by the quality of the bathroom decor collections offered on the market. Every small detail is cared for without neglecting an important aspect such as personal touch in order to make each space unique and original. One efficient way to customize your bathroom would be to give attention to the walls, using photos and paintings.

Just a few modifications are needed to get a pleasing result: a painting is an object that can be moved without any major problems, so trust your imagination and experiment with unusual solutions. Try to place pictures on shelves or furniture, or hang them around all the walls just below the ceiling, or around the mirror. There are so many solutions depending on the size of the room and the arrangement of the various elements. The important thing is to choose frames and paintings that are in keep with the style of decor, as well as to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing result.


Classic Style


For a classic style bathroom, opt for a few paintings arranged in a regular horizontal row with frames the same color and material as the furniture and insert prints or paintings of landscapes, flower vases, and portraits. Or choose a set of prints taken from old books on botany, zoology, or geography. If the house is located by the sea, pictures of seascapes, boats, prints from pilot books, nautical knots, and flags are perfect.

Bohémian and Shabby Chic Style


With the loud and colorful bohemian style and the delicate style of shabby chic, there are no limits to the imagination. Play with frames of different sizes, shapes, and styles, leaving some empty: the ideal ones are worn and distressed wood, juxtaposed with valuable gilded baroque frames. Choose prints of old ads for health and beauty products or metal signs for manufacturers of bathroom elements, to be alternated with old yellowed photos. The essential thing is to create contrasts and use objects with character, coming up with original and unconventional compositions.




If your bathroom decor is minimalist, choose a bare wall and place one graphic print or a large or medium-sized black and white photograph mounted in a thin frame or frameless. Alternatively, if you love to dabble in photography, choose your favorite shots, print them in small format and create a composition following a regular geometric pattern: a vertical or horizontal row, a checkerboard, or a triangle, always respecting the “less is more’ rule.


Zen Bathroom


In a zen bathroom simplicity is the rule. Consider at most two paintings, keeping in mind the themes pivotal to Japanese iconography. Choose subjects that revolve around natural elements: pictures or drawings of stylized plants or flowers, such as bamboo, cherry trees in bloom, or elegant red or white carp. Or, get a valuable Japanese woodcut print depicting the bath ritual: a refined choice for a very unique bathroom.







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