How to clean your shower: useful products and tips

The care that goes into the cleaning of the bathroom and all of its components is a fundamental part of preserving intact the original character and to make sure that the atmosphere is always welcoming and good-looking.

A detail that certainly should not be underestimated is the cleanliness of the windows and glass elements, primarily the shower: an element that immediately catches attention inside the bathroom. Therefore, it is essential that it be impeccable.

Here are some tips for cleaning your shower in the most efficient manner without damaging the surfaces: with classic detergents, but also with natural cleansers that are equally effective, for a more Eco-sustainable impact.


Artificial detergents: how to use best them

First of all we must dispel a myth: bleach is not always the best solution in terms of cleaning. In fact, it is a disinfectant, which is why it would be ideal to use it only when absolutely necessary: therefore it is not suitable for daily cleaning of either the bathroom or the shower in particular, as it is very aggressive and could very likely damage the surfaces.

There are numerous products on the market designed specifically to remove stains and calcium residue from the shower cabin: it would therefore be ideal to choose one that is specially formulated for this purpose. In any case, it is best to avoid the most aggressive cleaning agents, in particular those in paste or granular form and all those containing silicone, alcohol, acids, acetone, and other solvents.

What is the best way to use detergents to clean the shower? Do not exceed the doses and rub the detergent delicately with a soft cloth on the surface. Of course, all residual detergent must be thoroughly rinsed, not forgetting  to carefully dry the panels to avoid the formation of annoying halos.


Natural cleansers: which ones to choose and how to use them


For Eco-friendly cleaning there are numerous all-natural and easily available products that can be used for cleaning and sanitizing all the shower surfaces.

A great ally for daily cleaning is white vinegar: delicate, yet, at the same time, it has strong anti-calcium power. It can be used diluted in a half vinegar half lukewarm water solution  to be sprayed directly on the surfaces of the shower box. After that simply wipe everything with a soft cloth that will help to remove any stains. At the end of course you have to rinse everything with warm water and wipe everything dry. To remove the most stubborn water stains (those that may have been deposited on the bottom of the shower for longer), you can add to the vinegar/water solution some sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which will intervene with its decrustation power.

In the case where these two elements fail to perfectly remove the toughest stains you can resort to a third product which is also totally natural: lemon. Thanks to citric acid, lemon juice is able to completely dissolve any incrustation, while also functioning as a sanitizer.

Compared to traditional detergents, natural ones definitely have longer lasting effects, especially on the most difficult water stains: the advantage is that they do not contain corrosive chemical agents, so do not damage any of the components of the shower box in any way.

The last tip to facilitate the cleaning of the cabin and especially shorten cleaning times is to always dry the panels after use. In fact, this little trick will help prevent the formation of water stains and any other stains that drops of water and soap could generate if not removed in time.

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