Decorating the bathroom at Christmas: 3 ideas for tasteful decoration

Christmas is almost here, and every home is now ready to welcome the holidays with lights and decorations.
The lounge is definitely the favourite room for Christmas decorations, while the bathroom tends to be undervalued at this time of year. Yet it takes very little to bring a touch of Christmas to the bathroom too, especially in view of your dinner parties, drinks invitations and convivial times with friends or family.
Showcasing some Christmas details in the bathroom is an original way to evoke the holiday season spirit in the service facilities of the home as well as elsewhere.

So here are three ideas for decorating the bathroom at Christmas.


1 – Decorate with nature

One of the most popular trends for Christmas 2018 is natural decorations: take advantage of a walk in the mountains to gather pine cones, pine branches, leaves and bark. Then use them to create original compositions that you can place on the washbasin or on your bathroom shelves.
When you’re expecting houseguests, you can prepare white guest towels tied with natural string and finished with small pine cones and leaves, for your bathroom unit.
This type of trend will give your bathroom an original, minimalistic  Christmas touch. A delicate scent of wood will also be diffused in the air, and you can further accentuate it using delicate natural essences.

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2 – Choose the right colours

Red, green, gold and white are undoubtedly the most popular colours for Christmas decorations, and this applies to bathroom decorations too: during the holidays you can decide to include textiles to create a subtle festive atmosphere.
Towels will be precious allies for this. And if you want to really follow this season’s trends, tartan details are a must in your bathroom. The Scots fabric has dominated all store windows in this period, and can be a good idea to use for Christmas-themed decorations in the bathroom.


3 – A touch of light

Small, large, scented or neutral – candles are interior design stars at Christmas.
You can also create a subtle holiday atmosphere in the bathroom by making the most of their soft light, either using them on their own or to create elegant compositions. Glass vases with floating candles can be a simple but impactful idea for bringing the magic of Christmas into your bathroom. The important thing is to choose candles with a non-intrusive scent, so that you won’t tire of it after a few days.

One last tip: whatever style you choose for decorating the bathroom with a Christmas theme, remember not to overdo things. A few tastefully chosen items are better than filling the room with too many objects, that would make the whole setting look untidy.

The bathroom remains a room devoted to hygiene, which needs to be clean and tidy so that you can treat yourself to moments of relaxing wellbeing in it.

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