Christmas creativity: How to decorate your home and rekindle the Christmas desire

The highly anticipated Christmas now peeking out through the houses of the most passionate.

With the first autumn cold lovers of the magic atmosphere that the festival brings with it have already decorated the interiors of the house with elegant garlands at the door or over the fireplace, candid decorations on the windows and playful stockings hung on the mantle.

Living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom: every room of the house in December smells of celebration and with a few small original ideas quickly change the look of the whole home.


For all those who are waiting for the middle of the month for the traditional decorating of the home, have no fear!

Here is a short and simple roundup of the year’s trends, to decorate the house with cozy and sophisticated touches of bon ton.



It is known to most that red is the preeminent Christmas color. The undisputed master of the house during the winter holiday period embraces balls, dolls, garlands, blankets, pillows, bows, candles and so on and so forth! Original this year is the Scottish variation, for a “tartan chic” Christmas house.

In second place perfect and pure white reflects the timeless elegance of the magic of Christmas; choose the most classic style of all white, delicately contrasted by silver or a more modern version accompanied by orange and brown.

This year the creativity in decorative art ranges from ethereal transparencies, refined metallic laminates, and iridescent greens from moss to asparagus that can pass for irreverent shades of purple and peacock blue.



Lean towards clean, elegant, minimalist decorations, and possibly tone on tone or coordinated in light natural wood. Back in vogue this year, Shabby Chic style triumphs in houses with the most romantic decorations, bringing a touch of refined elegance with soft lamps, vintage references, and understated hues.

Alternatively, you can beautify your 2016 Christmas in enigmatic industrial style, with ornaments made of dark metal wire shaped like moose, ribbons, and garlands.




Choose classic pure white for the traditional tablecloth and stylish trimmings and lace, or take a risk with a more contemporary proposal of Scandinavian allure, with prints of snowy landscapes and written good wishes.

Whatever the choice is for the note base color, flaunt your creativity sprinkling on the tablecloth edible decorations like chocolates, cookies, oranges, apples, and cinnamon accompanied by red berries and scented candles with enveloping fragrances (see article Tips that never go out of style and trends for winter 2016). Think of the nice hand-made place cards with simple fine cards attached on a nice natural material, such as cinnamon sticks or twigs of mistletoe, to enrich the table and make it easier on your guests at the Christmas feast.


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