Grafite HPL

Grafite HPL is an innovative product, particularly suitable for making tops. Grafite HPL consists of a wood support and a special laminate with very high resistance thanks to the multiple layers of thermosetting resins and decorative surface layer impregnated with amino-plastic resins and treated at very high pressure and a temperature of up to 150°C. The decorative surface layer enables numerous textures with a pleasing feel to be obtained.

Explore the finishes

Grafite black
Grafite brown
Grafite calypso
Grafite gray
Malta gray
Malta naturale
Grafite olmo
Grafite rovere old
Grafite rovere nero
Rovere tabacco
Rovere Texas


For everyday cleaning, use just a soft cloth or sponge with neutral cleaning products. Rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.

Grafite HPL is a resistant impermeable product. However, contact with objects with colours which may bleed could stain the surface. In most cases, the marks can be removed with a damp sponge and a cleaning product such as Cif cream cleaner.

Grafite HPL is particularly resistant to abrasion, slight knocks, heat and moisture. Improper and excessive use may however cause irreparable damage.

Do not use aggressive chemical products such as acetone, trichloroethylene, acids, descaler and bleach. Avoid prolonged contact with inks, cosmetics and dyes which could colour and stain the surface. Do not rest very hot objects on the surface.

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