Etched glass

All glass used to make Mastella Tops and integrated Basin-Tops is 10 mm thick and “extra-clear” to guarantee improved colour-fastness and accuracy. The range of colours available covers the entire lacquer range of our units. Two different finishes are available:

  • Extracolor, all Mastella colours with a gloss surface;
  • Satin, all Mastella finishes with a Frosted surface.

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For everyday cleaning, simply remove any substances present on the top using paper wipes, then wash with a soft cloth, hot water, liquid detergent or other common glass cleaning products. The Frosted finish is treated with a fingerprint-resistant product and should be cleaned with water and alcohol only. These simple tips will preserve your top over time.

Given the natural characteristics of glass, the only marks which may form are caused by limescale in the water. You can remove these from the Extracolor gloss finish with a limescale remover such as Viakal. Acids (descalers) or alkalis (bleach, caustic soda) must NOT be used on the Frosted finish surface as they could damage the fingerprint resistant treatment. Use only glass cleaning products or neutral detergents on the Frosted finish.

The very nature of glass makes Extracolor and Frosted tops and basin-tops somewhat delicate to impact, abrasion and scratches which cannot be restored. We recommend maximum care and attention.

Do not rest glass objects on the surface as they could leave scratches or abrasions. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or cloths. Descaler or bleach on the Frosted finish.

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