CRISTALPLANT® is an innovative material which top companies and outstanding designers have chosen for its soft touch effect, its beauty and its similarity to natural stone. Add to its aesthetic quality is technical superiority. Whilst other materials used in this segment once scratched or chipped remain damaged CristalPlant® is a unique, technologically advanced composite material, consisting of a high percentage of natural mineral charges and of a low percentage of polyester and acrylic polymers of considerable purity; it is an inert material, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, 100% recyclable, fireproof (class 1); it has a great resistance to UVs, it is dense and non-porous, hygienic, durable and pleasant-touching, easy on the hands for its velvety texture, similar to natural stone. It is very important to emphasize that frequent cleansing of CRISTALPLANT® ensures that its original beauty is maintained and prevents any signs of wear and ageing.

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Caring for CRISTALPLANT® is both fast e and easy. Just wash with soapy water and normal detergent to remove most stains and dirt which deposits on the surface. The detergent can be applied with a soft sponge, cotton cloth or abrasive pad like Scotch Brite®. After cleaning, rinse the surface well to prevent halos from forming. Surfaces painted externally with SOFT TOUCH (bicolor): clean with normal detergents for surfaces, using a spray product and soft sponge or cotton cloth. Don’t use abrasive sponge and abrasive products.

The inner surface of the CRISTALPLANT® is subject to intensive use that could cause signs of surface wear(scratches, zones with different levels of shine, halos).The
original beauty of CRISTALPLANT® can easily be restored using an abrasive Scotch Brite® pad with normal detergent. To clean CRISTALPLANT® and parts painted with SOFT TOUCH you can use the following products: Ammonia solution 10%, Ajax classic, Glassex, Vetril multiuse cleanser, Lysoform for the home, Rio for the home, Mia for floors, Mr. Clean. After cleaning, rinse the surface well to prevent the formation of halos. CRISTALPLANT® is a material that is homogeneous throughout its thickness and scratches, cigarette burns and stubborn stains.

In case of scratches or deeper damage, we recommend smoothing the surface with fine sandpaper (320 grain). Note: do not use the abrasive pad or sandpaper on the external part painted with SOFT TOUCH (bicolor).

Do not use: products containing bleach: they can create halos on surfaces painted with Soft touch bicolour. Solvents like denatured alcohol, acetone, cleaning fluid or
other solvents used in painting can alter the surface of white Cristalplant and lacquered bicolor. Acids and strong basics such as muriatic acid and lye can alter the surfaces of Cristalplant and lacquered bicolor. Do not use drain cleaning products. IMPORTANT: Do not use abrasive pads and sandpaper on the parts tinted with Soft touch bicolour. If you are not sure of the aggressive potential of a product, try it first on a small zone out of sight before using it (for both surfaces).

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