Three ideas for furnishing a black bathroom in style

Classic and elegant or essential and minimal? The black bathroom can be interpreted in many ways according to everyone’s style needs. Whether you choose to focus on walls or dark furnishings, a bathroom in strong colours is a choice that makes a strong impact and allows you to create a fascinating environment.

Let’s discover together 3 refined and current trends for furnishing a black bathroom.


1. Black walls and contrasting furniture for a minimalist bathroom

From anthracite to black, every shade is suitable for furnishing a bathroom characterised by dark tones. Whether you use washable paints or focus on tiling, creating an ambience with minimalist charm through the skilful use of dark colours is a very stylish idea.
The right lighting points and the contrast with white furniture and sanitary ware, then, will help to brighten up the room without suffocating the space.
Stone-effect stoneware in dark tones proves to be a very contemporary choice: its matt finish is enhanced by the veining of the tiles, creating an ambience that combines aesthetics and functionality. A white geometric washbasin and a bathtub with clean lines will suffice to add a touch of light and create the right contrast in a black bathroom.

Sasso washbasin
Vov White detail

2. Patterns and geometries for bathrooms with a vintage feel

The contrast between light and dark is also the protagonist in bathrooms where black becomes the starting point to create geometric games and patterns of great design.
From mosaics, even of very small dimensions, to the classic chequered floor with a vintage flavour, there are many possibilities for those who choose to furnish their bathroom with recurring patterns. Black and white, in this case, are interspersed with shades of grey or small colour details to create original geometric effects that give depth to the space and furnish it with style.
An original idea, then, can be to enhance the natural geometricity of the tiles (perhaps of small size and vintage flavour) with contrasting joints: white on black wall tiles and black on white ones.
Patterns prove to be the winning choice to break up the total black and decorate the bathroom with elegance.

3. Total black for striking bathrooms

There are those who love it and those who hate it, but there is no doubt that total black is a choice of great impact capable of strongly connoting even a room that is often considered purely service-oriented.
If you decide to furnish a bathroom with only dark colours, you must pay attention to the size and shape of the room to avoid the risk of creating an oppressive space. In this case, lighting will play a fundamental role in giving balance to the environment, just as it will be important to play well with mirrors and glass to amplify the sources of light, both natural and artificial, and give airiness to the space. The extra touch? Also play with fabrics, choosing towels to match the bathroom interior.


Sasso Washbasin
Vov Black bathtub
Vov Black bathtub


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