Storage mirror, the most classic and tidy

Why choose a storage mirror?

There are various currents of thought on the subject, some believe that aesthetics and functionality should not be mixed, for others it is an essential marriage. What is certain is that having all your products stored inside the mirror will allow you a considerable optimisation of space, as well as unparalleled convenience.

Starting from this consideration, the brand new Smart.46 Collection of Mastella bathroom furniture has introduced Titus, a container mirror characterised by having several shelves, one part always visible and one part covered by the mirror that opens and closes like a classic door.
Customisable with different finishes, it can also be completed with LED profile lighting on the side and bottom.



Titus Mirror

Mirror with shelves, an alternative

For those who do not like a storage mirror, but are still looking for practicality while maintaining aesthetics, a mirror with shelves is the most suitable option.


Specchio MioGiò con mensola

Mirror with shelf


Also introduced in the Smart.46 Collection is Gioia. Gioia, on the other hand, is not an actual container, but rather a beautiful frame that allows the mirror to be backlit and a practical support point at the lower end. The play between empty and full spaces will always surprise you depending on the matching finishes.

By choosing a storage mirror of this type, your bathroom will always look elegant and keeping all your products tidy will no longer be a problem… almost by magic!



Specchio Gioia

Gioia mirror


Do you want to include a container mirror in your design?

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