Matching bathroom colours: three tips

The bathroom is sacred. It is the room where we take care of ourselves, and the importance it can have on the well-being and harmony of our home life should not be underestimated.

Here are three tips for matching bathroom colours.

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom for your new home or looking for new ideas to breathe new life into an old bathroom, we know it’s not an easy task. Functionality and aesthetics have to be taken into account, which often clash with the size of the space and personal needs.

In all this, many people underestimate the importance of colour. It may seem like a trifle, but the right colour combination not only conveys a sense of harmony, but also changes the perception of space and makes every corner of our home more welcoming.

Colour gives character and personality to a room, creates the atmosphere and often sets the mood, just as much as the style chosen for the furniture. This is why care in colour matching cannot be underestimated, especially in your bathroom, where you often start your day.

Here are some proposals inspired by trendy styles and contemporary sophistication that will certainly suit your needs.

Colour in the bathroom

White, always and only white… not any more! The latest bathroom trends speak for themselves: colour is the way to go. Whether you choose to invest in a piece of furniture in your favourite colour or just want to focus on a few hints of light to brighten up the atmosphere, colour can easily take centre stage.

Why not start with the walls of your bathroom? Simple mirrors and washbasins on brightly coloured walls. The trick is not to overdo it, but with a pink or emerald wall you have the freedom to go minimal with everything else. Don’t be intimidated by prints or strong colours either, and let your creativity run free!



Plain walls and a rather boring space? Coloured furniture is the solution. Rainbow lacquers and bold colours will bring sunlight into spaces that previously seemed grey and cramped. If you can also play on a contrasting wall, the effect will be even more stunning.



Bathroom furniture with contrasting colours

How to bring two worlds together? How to bring them together? It may not seem easy, but contrasting colours provide a unique and refined look.

Black and white are the contrasting colours par excellence. Strong, striking and evergreen, they are the perfect reinterpretation of an old-fashioned look that has been able to keep pace with modernity. A bathtub with black cladding? Bold and original. It won’t go unnoticed!


If, on the other hand, you want to soften the look of your bathroom, pink will make the atmosphere even more welcoming, and with it a honey-toned wood. But don’t forget the slightly industrial touch of black details!

Ton sur ton

Ton sur ton is a seemingly easy choice, but not an obvious one. Choosing furniture and furnishings in very similar colours that all echo each other is a choice that can backfire if you don’t choose the right shades.

For a modern bathroom with an easy, clean look, shades of white and grey are a timeless and certainly effective choice: simple, clear, contemporary. You can’t go wrong with these colours!

If, on the other hand, you’re keen on a warmer, more traditional look, or even a more rustic touch, a ton sur ton that remains in wood tones can immediately warm up a space, making it more personal, authentic and timeless.


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