Ideas for decorating a small bathroom

Furnishing a small bathroom does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort and style. Just choosing the right components together with a few little tricks will optimize even the tightest of spaces. The watchwords? Creativity and harmony. Here are some suggestions to best decorate a small bathroom combining design and functionality.


Enlarge spaces through colors and materials

A first trick to add more dimension to the space regards the choice of colors and materials for the walls, floors, and furniture. Light colors and shiny surfaces are ideal as they reflect light, making a bathroom with limited space more airy. Classic white, delicate and bright, is optimal, but don’t exclude pastel color combinations as well as shades of gray. The big trend is the combination of gray with peach.

For the walls, tiles in light and bright tones are indispensable, while for the shower box choose glass or crystal panels: the transparency will give a sense of lightness to the space. Even the lighting has a fundamental role: in a place like the bathroom that is dedicated to comfort and relaxation, soft lights with a warmer tone will create the perfect atmosphere. For a touch of style, add a few candles.


Bathroom fixtures and cabinets: what to choose and how to arrange them

Contemporary design comes to the rescue for people who have to furnish a small bathroom: there are fixtures and vanities with shapes that are innovative, clean, and basic, which help to optimize space and create it even where there is none.

To furnish a long and narrow room without sacrificing comfort, the ideal is to opt for elements from micro sizes, especially when it comes to depth: there are some lines of bathroom furniture whose cabinets do not even exceed a depth of 35 cm to furnish a long and narrow bathroom without sacrificing comfort, such as the Dress 2.0, Duetto, Kami, and Byte 2.0 collections from Mastella. The reduced depth should not necessarily take away from the functionality: the drawers of the Duetto furniture, for example, come with practical organizers integrated into the design, which allow you to exploit every single centimeter of space without taking away from the aesthetics of the cabinet.

If the bathroom you are furnishing is square, the ideal solution to maximize space is suspended accessories that let you play with the layout of the various elements to create an environment with a unique style. Fill the empty spaces with baskets and boxes to keep everything in its place or exposed shelves to stack towels on: the perfect combination of functionality and customized interiors.

Contemporary style and space optimization also take the form of thin steel tubing integrated into the furniture design, to be used to display towels neatly and conveniently in close proximity to the sink.

Another idea to decorate a small bathroom is to exploit the height of the space. Do not hesitate to use capacious shelf units and wall shelves where you can store everything needed in a bathroom dedicated to comfort and taking care of yourself.


Do not give up on accessories

It’s said that harmony and creativity should be the guides for decorating a small bathroom with style. Limited space certainly does not mean leaving out the accessories that give a personal touch to the space and harmonize it with the other rooms of the house. The union of style and functionality can happen in many ways: the use of a ladder as a towel rack, for example, that will combine the space-saving principle of verticalization with a truly exclusive touch.

Let your creativity run wild and add small details to create the perfect wellness area:   choose baskets and storage boxes in wicker or prints; to get a bit of a retro vibe, introduce a few plants to give a fresh look to the room; decorate a wall with some stencils, perhaps reproducing some motifs that are reminiscent of the sea.

Dress 2.0
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