How to furnish the bathroom combining style and functionality

The bathroom is the area of the house dedicated to personal care: a place that celebrates well-being and relaxation. But it should certainly not fall short in terms of functionality. Bathroom decor must therefore be chosen with care: the character and style of the space are definitely valuable, but we must not forget the details that give it comfort and practicality.

Style and Harmony: the bathroom decor trends most in vogue


The latest trends for home furnishings are heading towards essentiality and on minimal style. The trends in bathroom décor are heading in the same direction, a place that should always be in harmony with the other rooms of the house.

Get rid of the frills and make way for clean lines, preferably accompanied by a combination of contrast colors, black and white first and foremost. The goal is to ensure that the environment conveys order, balance, and serenity: characteristics that should always be found in the space dedicated to wellness and body care.

For a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere you can opt for the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble. The union of these elements with the more geometric aspects of the accessories creates a decor that conveys great harmony, while firmly maintaining taste for pure and simple aesthetics. The trend this year calls for the combination of colors reminiscent of natural materials with neutral hues: graphite, milk, and hemp.


Latest generation materials for maximum practicality


To preserve intact the characteristics of the natural components in the bathroom, we rely on the latest technology: innovative materials that prevent moisture damage and facilitate the cleaning of the surfaces. Among the most used is HPL (High Pressure Laminate), also called plastic laminate, used to obtain authentic-looking finishes but resistant to temperature changes, wear, and steam.

Another highly innovative material is mineral marble, a hygienic, durable, and elegant looking mineral composite, recommended especially for sinks, bathtubs, shower bases, and counter tops. With great versatility that allows you to easily customize the design, mineral marble is cleaned quickly and easily: all you need is a damp cloth and mild soap to get it perfectly sanitized.


Organization of the interior space using simple, compact design


Minimalist style does not necessarily mean giving up space and functionality. Modern design strategies are moving more and more towards the realization of components that are aesthetically simple in design, yet hide ample space to take advantage of.

All this is possible thanks to the new systems for space-saving organization, which allow you to use in the most efficient way every single centimeter of drawer space as well as even the smallest organizers inside the furniture.

In the Duetto collection, these modern technologies are integrated in the furniture’s design: each component purchased is already equipped with dividers for drawers in ad hoc designed series, providing an economical and elegant solution even for those who must furnish a rather small bathroom space. Duetto reveals the hidden world in the drawers.





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