Furnishing a beach house’s bathroom: four ideas for a designer bathroom

With the summer vacation nearly upon us, getting out of the city and hitting the beach is the priority. The beach house becomes the favourite weekend getaway.
But how should you furnish it? A tasteful, original decor is the objective without going overboard with bold pieces.

Here are some ideas that we want to share with you paying particular attention to beach house bathroom furnishings.

Geometric designs

Tiles decorated with geometric designs are an excellent choice both for the bathroom and other rooms in a beach house.
The effect is always attractive whether you choose an overall look or a pattern that alternates white and decorative tiles for an interesting juxtaposition of colours,

Geometric designs can also be featured in decorating touches or home accessories, such as plates or vases.

Full-length windows

Enjoying the panoramic view is one of the many delights of having a beach house.
Therefore, installing large, full-length windows can be a very smart move, not only for the beach house’s living spaces but also in the bathroom.

Placing a roomy bathtub in front of a large window in a minimally decorated space has become all the rage in the world of design.
If it’s not possible to place the bathtub near a window, you could always install an outdoor shower in the garden. There are a wide array of options for a guaranteed holiday feel!



Colour choices

By definition, a beach house is the ideal environment for incorporating colours that reflect the shades of water and convey a cool, fresh feeling.
This is where blue’s vast range of shades offers nearly unlimited choices for furnishings and walls. The nuances range from turquoise to denim to dusty grey, including petrol green, sky blue and many other shades.

White is also an optimal choice that never goes out of style. The colour adds brightness, transmits freshness and matches beautifully with blue.
In the beach house’s bathroom, you can also play with contrasts. For example, combine white basins and bathtubs with blue furnishings or create a completely white bathroom with walls in sea colours.

Arredo bagno casa al mare



Accessorize the rooms but don’t go overboard! A beach house should be comfortable and simply adorned. Don’t clutter it up.
For the fabrics, natural materials such as linen or cotton are the best choice. They also pair well with shades of blue without creating jarring contrasts. The same holds true for towels and curtains.

If you want to add some creative accents, there are no lack of beach-theme elements. But we recommend that you are judicious in your choices or the environment will become a mishmash.

Arredo bagno casa al mare

Arredo bagno casa la mare


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