Furnishing a house with designer vases: innovations from the world of interior design

A vase gives tangible form to empty space, music to silence.

Georges Braque

When we organise our domestic space, our mind focuses on the necessary furniture. However, tables, chairs and sofa, despite their functional use, are not enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. Little details make the difference between a badly organised space and an impeccable one.

Designer vases are not just a container for flowers or plants, but real furniture items which enrich interiors, giving a house a colourful touch. When hanging from the ceiling, they create a tropical atmosphere, when placed one on top of another,  they can be curious and eye-catching features in the room.

THE VASE AS A DECORATIVE ELEMENT. Don’t forget the plants!

When you buy a decorative vase, bear in mind its first use and other important factors.

Firstly, pay attention to the size that a plant may reach in the future. Also the material is important to take into account. Even if many vases are now almost pieces of contemporary art, they are often made from plastic and we certainly know that plastic is not healthy for plants.

When choosing a vase, among the preferable materials is the traditional terracotta which allows ,thanks to its natural porosity, aeration of the soil, making it ideal for plant growth.

If you don’t want to sacrifice a particular plastic vase with which you’ve fallen in love, there are some remedies you can adopt: putting some clay fragments or some pieces of wood into the ground improves aeration.

The perfect vase for every plant, without sacrificing style:

  • Vases in recycled materials, such as cork, or in materials deriving from old tires. The reuse of old materials is ideal for small sized plants, like succulents.
  • Clean and modern containers are ideal for contemporary interior design in inner-city flats. They are especially suited to plants with long and large leaves to create contrast and interest for the eye. They can also suit plants with an open shape which contrasts well with the rigid lines of the container.

Vases designed to surprise with brilliant colours, different odd shapes or even lighting systems. All of which serve to create a romantic and unusual atmosphere.

VASE MANIA: some ideas for detailed design

There are vases for all tastes, from modern sober glass vases to antique ceramic ones. From valuable blown-glass vases to ancestral pottery vases.

The classical style of the past Moreno Ratti proposes Svelata, a collection of vases in marble, unique hand-made pieces made from a single of white marble from Carrara. His designs are a mix of modern shapes and classical curves which only partly emerge from the raw materials on several sides. The result is a refined timeless decoration, just like the material from which it is composed.


The double function of innovative design – Bramo celebrates water. Alessandro Loschiavo’s watering can design features cylinders made from borosilicate glass, hot steel welded by specialised craftsmen.

It is a transparent vase featuring two branches ideal for creating different kinds floral arrangements, but can also be used as a watering cat.

Antonio Aricò also uses the same concept for his Swan , a ceramic watering can-vase made from two old English teapots.

An intertwining of forms – With its impeccable, elegant details, Cashmere & Crochet of Lsa International is an exciting new collection which turns back time to take inspiration from grandmother’s crochet techniques and from soft knitted cashmere.

Free composition – Combining glass rings to create cylinders at different heights led the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari to create the modular containers for flowers which are now  part of the Pi-no Pi-no collection.

All eyes on me!FlowerTrap is a vase that works as a hand lens: the glass dome, in which the floral arrangement is housed, works as a magnifying glass and draws attention to the beauty of the floral composition.  The container is woven bark. The idea comes from Pia Wüstenberg, who goes by Pia Design.

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