Decorating an office bathroom

Even in the workplace bathroom decor deserves special attention. Spaces must be highly functional and comfortable without giving up aesthetics, especially if the office bathroom is also for customers.

What are the things to take into consideration when you decorate your office bathroom? Let’s take a look at the key issues point by point.


Like all other office spaces, the bathroom needs adequate lighting. To immediately give a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to the room and distinguish it from the work space, the lighting should be quite soft, favoring smaller lamps to bulky chandeliers. Minimalist fixtures also allow you to create classy scenic effects, helping you to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Minimalist furnishings

Minimalism must also be a key factor in the search for office bathroom decor. Choosing a few elements and furniture with clean lines helps to give a sense of order and create functional and comfortable spaces.

The rooms must be as clean as possible, without sacrificing space to comfortably store the elements needed for a complete bath: towels, hand soap, and perhaps an air freshener or incense, which helps to create a more welcoming atmosphere .

Shelves are a good solution for storing toiletries, but if you want a more orderly effect, without taking up a lot of space, you can opt for a space-saving vanity.

Met with visible elements, Mastella
Met with visible elements, Mastella

Space saving furniture

A space saving vanity allows you to combine the necessity of having storage space within reach, without sacrificing neither freedom of movement, even in smaller bathrooms, or above all the need to create a good-looking space.

Duetto by Mastella is the space-saving line of bathroom furniture that with its design combines minimalist styling and capacity, creating solutions suitable for every kind of room, including smaller ones such as a half bath. The collection includes compact vanities featuring both comfortable drawers with internal dividers and sinks, which allow you to customise based on the selection of colours and finishes.

The materials used are among the most innovative in the field of bathroom furnishings and allow to create fixtures that also resist the most damaging agents in the bathroom space in order to stand the test of time: water, moisture, and heat. All Duetto furniture are made of Idropan, a unique high quality wood particleboard material treated with water repellent particles.

The different finishes are made of melamine or HPL laminate depending on the desired effect (wood, graphite or soft mat), and then sealed with a polyurethane glue border that guarantees the furniture’s water resistance.

 Light colors and All White

Minimalist in colours also: this is another fundamental feature of the latest trends for the perfect office bathroom decor.

With regard to the coatings, what is highly rated now are tiles and flooring are characterized by regular patterns and linear geometries, in neutral and soft colours.

Light colours are also a must for bathroom furnishings: from natural light wood tones to all white.

Duetto, Milk Soft-Mat, Mastella



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