Bathroom lighting: an issue not to be underestimated

Seeing things in the right light is not only philosophy, but also a practical matter, especially in the bathroom. This is in fact the place in the home that most needs undistorted lighting to help us in our personal care and to have the ideal atmosphere in moments of relaxation.


The rules for perfect bathroom lighting

How to make the right choices for bathroom lighting? Let us discover together the mistakes not to make and the tricks to apply. First, however, a small premise on the dreaded blind bathroom.

This can be problematic from the point of view of ventilation, whereas, paradoxical as it may seem, it has a great advantage from the point of view of lighting. The reason for this is very simple: as there is no ‘interference’ with natural light, you will be able to organise artificial light better.

If, on the other hand, your bathroom is fitted with windows, we recommend that you study the movement of light well before choosing the furniture, so as to optimise it as much as possible. At some point, however, night will fall here too, and then the rules will be the same. Let us look at them together.



Don’t know how to best illuminate your bathroom?

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1. Warm or cool?

No, we are not talking about water.

The choice of intensity and shade of bathroom lighting depends not only on personal taste, but also on a question of functionality.

Cold light is more suitable for maximum visibility, which is necessary for make-up, shaving and all moments when it is useful to be able to check even the smallest imperfections.

Warm light, while creating a more pleasant atmosphere, is therefore less suitable for the bathroom: you can still place it in the most hidden places of the bathroom furniture and use it when optimal lighting is not indispensable.




2. Concealed bathroom lighting

For a bathroom that is impeccably designed and fully functional, you must take care to illuminate even the most hidden places. In fact, for these it will be better to have a special eye.

Open compartments and drawers will have a whole new charm with the inclusion of a light, as well as being much more practical when darkness falls.




3. The light for the mirror

One of the crucial points in the bathroom when it comes to lighting is certainly the mirror.

This should never have direct light, which would cause annoying reflections, but neither should it have an excessively dim light (after all, it is made to see, not to conceal!).

A whole world opens up on this subject and we will tell you more about it in another article: keep following us for more details!


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