Bathroom washbasin: which materials to choose

Do you want to renovate your bathroom, but don’t know how to navigate through all the products on the market? In our magazine you can always find lots of tips to better understand the world of bathroom furniture. Today we delve into the materials you can choose for the wash basin. Ready to discover them all?

The materials of bathroom sinks

In the Mastella catalogue you have a wide choice of bathroom washbasins, which stand out for their sophisticated design and high quality materials. Let’s take a look at their features together.


Cristalplant® is an innovative material, pleasant to the touch, with a matt finish and beauty similar to natural stone. Being a homogeneous material throughout its thickness, it is not afraid of scratches or chipping and can be easily restored with commercially available sponges and abrasive cleaners. This material is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as eco-friendly because it is 100% recyclable.

Another plus? It has excellent UV resistance: an important quality for a white bathroom sink, so as to avoid the colour alteration that can occur after exposure to sunlight. A beautiful effect not only for washbasins, but also for bathtubs!



The Ceramilux Mat and Mak Mat

Derived from a mixture of minerals and acrylic resins, they have a matt/satin appearance. These materials are very pleasant to caress because they are silky to the touch. In addition to being UV and stain resistant, they are antibacterial and have excellent resistance to thermal shock and impact.


The Ceramilux Lux and the Mak Lux

Ceramilux Lux and Mak Lux are also the result of a mixture of minerals and acrylic resins and have the same advantages as their Mat counterparts. The difference is in the finish: in this version, the special gel surface coating film gives the material a perfectly glossy appearance.



Tecnoril® consists of 70 per cent natural mineral, combined with a 100 per cent acrylic resin of the highest quality, which is why it can remain unchanged over time and retain its original whiteness without yellowing.

It is a compact, hygienic and flame-retardant material, uncoated or laminated, which allows for elegant and high-performance installations. The compact, non-porous surface is also practical because it is durable and easy to clean.




MITEK-MineralMarmo® is a material consisting of 75% natural mineral fillers and 25% polyester resin. The gelcoat film, which covers the surface, gives the material excellent strength characteristics.



One of the most common materials for sanitary ware is ceramic. It certainly needs no introduction: it is composed mainly of minerals, clays, silica sand and quartz. Together these elements make up soft earthenware, which is fired at 1,000°C. The surface coating is then obtained by a second firing at a temperature of 990°C. The final effect is a pleasantly smooth and crystal-clear product that certainly needs no introduction. You can also find this material in the integrated washbasins of Mastella’s Lume Collection.

Doppio lavabo integrato Mastella Lume


Another interesting material recently introduced among the Mastella washbasins with the new Smart.46 collection is Deimos. It is a Solid Surface characterised by the fact that its colour remains homogeneous throughout its entire thickness, thus making it easier to restore.


Do you have a little clearer ideas now?

Contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable washbasin for your needs!

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