Tender LAK, the new Mastella collection

Tender LAK, the new bathroom furniture collection that Mastella launches in 2020.

The name Tender is not a novelty at Mastella, in fact, in 2012 the Research and Development division began work on the very first edition of the collection Tender, the peculiarities that characterize this collection will remain the cornerstone of the new collection Tender LAK.

Let’s see together what are the characteristics that represent the new collection Tender LAK.

    Asymmetrical structures have characterized Tender since its first release. In fact, this peculiarity remains also in the new Tender LAK collection. Drawers, open compartments and asymmetrical wall units are perfectly combined to make the bathroom dynamic and refined at the same time.Tender-LAK
    Another special feature of Tender LAK, inherited from the previous collection, are the colors. In fact, you can make the entire cabinet in any RAL color available in our catalog. Or you can choose to color only the fronts and keep the sides in the two wood versions in Tranché Chiaro and Tranché Scuro.
    The flat groove and the inclined front are also found in Tender LAK. They are two unique features, because they are present only in this collection. The effect is immediately elegant and designer.


These are the main features of Tender LAK inherited from the previous collection, but the real novelty is the completeness of this collection, which no longer sees the distinction between furniture and accessories in the bathroom.
The environment becomes unique, in which accessories such as bathtubs, showers and washbasins complete the entire bathroom. The furniture transposes its essence also in the complement, which can be customized using the same color of the finish.

Tender LAK is a collection to be discovered, browsing through the catalog you can immerse yourself in a new dimension that is an absolute novelty for Mastella.


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